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Vision-1® - 1

Enhanced Situational Awareness Crisp, Clear, Real-Time Imagery Synthetic Vision System Egocentric View (Pilot’s View) Exocentric View (Wingman’s View) SVS Egocentric View shown on EFI-890R Primary Flight Display “Safety Never Looked Better”® Universal Avionics’ Vision-1 Synthetic Vision System features a high-resolution terrain database for crisp, clear “you-have-to-see-it” images. Vision-1“Egocentric” pilot’s view is designed for Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (EADI) applications. It provides the pilot with a perspective as if looking out the flight deck window. The system maintains the standard foreground symbology and replaces the blue/brown background with imagery depicting the terrain in real-time complete with pitch and roll orientation. The unique “Exocentric” wingman’s view provides a 3-D view of your aircraft with respect to the flight path and surrounding terrain. The perspective is as if from a camera situated behind, above and to the right of the aircraft. The dynamic VGA video output can be displayed on the EFI-890R, EFI-890H, MFD-890R, MFD-890H, MFD-640 or EFI-640 navigation displays. Overlay of the flight plan from the Universal Avionics Flight Management System (FMS), along with deviation indicators, trend vectors and compass symbol with course and heading information contribute to provide you with a unique, increased level o

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Vision-1® - 2

Synthetic Vision System The terrain imagery utilizes topographical coloring similar to that used on aviation sectional charts. Hills and mountains appear in shades of green and brown while oceans and other large bodies of water are colored blue. Special shading on the digitized terrain and the grid overlay that conform to the landscape on the synthetic world help you get a sense of movement in flight, particularly when flying near ground. Flight plan and vertical profile depiction are derived from FMS flight plan way­ oint altitudes. Platforms show direction of flight. p The low contrast...

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