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Four FMS Model Options for Installation Flexibility Platform for NextGen and SESAR Capabilities and Mandates Satellite-Based Augmentation System – Flight Management System Certified on Over 50 Aircraft Types Advanced Interfaces for Communication, Safety and Situational Awareness TSO-C146c Approved System Supports ADS-B Requirement

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our mission was to design a system that delivered performance in every category, while demonstrating superiority in all of them. The SBAS-FMS - unsurpassed precision and accuracy. Platform for NextGen and SESAR The avionics systems you invest in today must be able to support the Next Generation of Communication, Navigation, Surveillance / Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM). They must possess the processing power, speed, memory and interface capabilities to meet the growing demands of the US Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) and Europe's Single European Sky ATM Research...

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Advanced Interfaces for Communication, Safety and Situational Awareness Universal Avionics’ optional airborne data link system, the UniLink UL-800/801 Communications Management Unit (CMU), provides advanced air-to-ground, two-way data link capabilities. It is housed in a separate 1-MCU LRU and can support single, dual or triple SBAS-FMS installations. A “Best Computed Position” is based upon inputs from the internal SBAS/GPS receiver, autoscanning DME-DME measurements and data from your complement of external navigation sensors. Select from external GPS, Inertial, VHF Omnidirectional Range...

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The Flight Planning (FPL) function provides you with the guickest, most efficient means of creating a flight plan, and the most pilot-friendly method of altering the flight plan elements as desired or required by ATC. It has been engineered to incorporate the greatest level of safety, with numerous built-in safeguards such as the entry of list-referenced selections which reduce both keystrokes and errors. FPL MENU 1/2 -COMPRESSED STORE FPL- -PPOS TO WPT RAIM PRED-= The LJNS-1 Ewand UNS-IFw SBAS-FMSs provide a Performance (PERF) option for select aircraft types for which performance charts...

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Lists The unique LIST function provides a quick and efficient means to access and enter data, minimizing alphanumeric entries and reducing input errors.The"smart" lists are geographically prioritized based on aircraft position and course, then alphabetized on each page. You can quickly enter airports, navaids, intersections and airways all by simply entering the list Navigation Data Management The DATA function key provides access to a variety of navigation data management capabilities. Pages provide easy access to your stored navigation database for detailed review of SIDs, STARs,...

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Features Once near your destination, you can easily link the appropriate approach for the active runway into your flight plan. Approaches and runways from the navigation database, and those which have been pilot defined, are easily accessed. The navigation database contains precision and non-precision approaches, including bent and curved approaches with multiple step-down fixes. When you select the approach transition and approach, both are inserted into the flight plan along with the missed approach procedure. Using the appropriate navigation sensor input, the SBAS-FMSs will fly a...

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The Universal Avionics SBAS-FMS Family Universal Avionics SBAS-FMSs combine the benefits of advanced programming; compact, lightweight packaging and installation flexibility. Four basic models provide you with the ability to select the optimum system to meet your desired features and capabilities that match your aircraft equipment and interface requirements. LP/LPV Monitor The UNS-IFw is comprised of an FPCDU and a remotely mounted Navigation Computer Unit (NCU). Three FPCDUs are available: a compact FPCDU with 4-inch color display, the standard FPCDU with 5-inch color display and an...

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Size Weight Mounting Control/Display A turn Dzus Fasteners 'A turn Dzus Fasteners Integral 5-inch color Flat Panel Display Integral 5-inch color Flat Panel Display Compatible with MCDU, 5-inch FPCDU, 4-inch FPCDU Compatible with MCDU, 5-inch FPCDU, 4-inch FPCDU Standard Interfaces All Digital Configuration, Digital & Analog Configuration, ASCB Version A Configuration All Digital Configuration, Digital & Analog Configuration, ASCB Version A Configuration All Digital Configuration, Digital & Analog Configuration 8 Inputs/4 Outputs (Digital & Analog) 16 Inputs/8 Outputs (All Digital) Internal...

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an Elbit Systems Company Corporate Offices 3260 E. Universal Way Tucson, Arizona 85756 USA +1 520 295 2300 / 800 321 5253 Fax: +1 520 295 2395 Features and capabilities are representative of systems at time of printing. Please contact your Universal Avionics sales representative for the latest system enhancements. Specifications contained herein are subject to change without notice. AIRCRAFT ELECTRONIC' CBAA-ACA A cnbrr ij'i ■ nmcopist _ 5 A»»oc»MK>n International

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