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Experience a Higher Level of Service We believe every operator should have the benefit of advanced technologies in their aircraft, for the freedom to fly in airspace around the world efficiently and safely. Universal Avionics NextGen Solutions equip aircraft for compliance with industry mandates while serving as a platform for emerging technologies. But what’s even more exciting about today’s flight deck technologies is the benefits you experience by securing them long before the next mandate. The ‘best equipped, best served’ philosophy of air traffic management is happening all over the...

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FANS & CPDLC CVR/FDR, UniLink® UL-800/801 CMU and UNS-1Ew SBAS-FMS All you need to know @ If you fly in oceanic airspace, FANS technologies affect your flight operations today. Mandates for FANS 1/A+ in the North Atlantic Track System (NATS) began in 2013 for the most efficient tracks. By 2015, all of the NATS will require FANS 1/A+ technology at optimum altitudes, increasing to most of the North Atlantic Airspace between FL350 and FL390 in 2017. Implementation of FANS 1/A in U.S. domestic airspace begins as early as 2015 as part of the FAA Datacomm initiative while EASA...

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All you need to know @ SBAS-FMS Family The collective and individual benefits of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) are wide-reaching, well-documented and nearly indispensable. PBN - in several iterative forms over the years - has been an initiative of many worldwide regulation authorities for quite some time. Serving as the basis for defining minimum performance requirements for navigation, PBN initiatives include RNAV 1, RNP 1, RNAV 2, RNAV 5 / B-RNAV, RNP 10, RNP 4, RNP 1 / P-RNAV as well as RNAV (GPS) and RNAV (RNP) airspace operations. Today, PBN leverages the...

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