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Over 20 Weather Radars Supported Reliable and Efficient LED Backlight System Multi-Function Display Display of: - Weather Radar - FMS Data - TAWS - Synthetic Vision - Weather Graphics - Traffic - Lightning - Video Versatile and Powerful Retrofit Solution In today’s flight environment you need to take advantage of the multitude of information that is available. Your cockpit instruments can no longer be dedicated to the display of a single item. Panel real estate is scarce and information is plentiful. The MFD-640 Multi-Function Display offers a convenient, versatile and powerful retrofit solution. The MFD-640 interfaces with a variety of Weather Radar, TAWS, and traffic avoidance systems as well as onboard video, Vision-1®, Flight Management System (FMS), uplinked weather graphics and lightning detection systems. Its size and extensive interface capabilities makes it a versatile instrument for installation in a host of aircraft platforms, and will add valuable func­ ionality for t the operator. Gain the ability to access a wealth of additional information including Universal Avionics’ TAWS Terrain Awareness and Warning System displays in map, profile and 3-D views. View FMS data including flightplan with surrounding navaids, airports and more. Monitor VOR/ DME bearing /distance on the 360-degree or arc compass rose. Show surrounding air traffic and uplinked weather maps or access an onboard video camera. The MFD-640 also features superior sunlight readability, high resolution and contrast, and super-wide viewing angl

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Supported Interfaces • Flight Plan Data • Weather Radar • Synthetic Vision System • Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) • Graphical Weather Images • Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS) • Lightning Detection Systems • Video Interface Unit for interface with multiple video sources • Radar Control Panel for interface with certain radar systems Specifications Hardware Bezel: 5.17 in. H x 6.67 in. W Image Size: 3.86 in. H x 5.14 in. W (6.4 in. diagonal) Case Size: 4.975 in. H x 5.975 in. W x 8.27 in. D, excluding connector...

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