EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display


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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 1

High-Resolution Display of SVS Versatile Retrofit or Forward-Fit Application EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display Tailored to the tactical missions of helicopter operators Collective Cue Display Night Vision Goggle Compatible Designed for IFR Flight

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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 2

ntegrated flat panel displays offer significant improvement in situational awareness while reducing pilot workload, both of which are essential to supporting the unique tactical requirements of rotary wing aircraft. The high-vibration environment in which rotorcraft operate presents the need for flight deck displays to be rugged and high-utility, yet provide intuitive visual cues for optimal situational awareness. Universal Avionics’ EFI-890H flight deck display has been qualified to the rigorous vibration profile testing of RTCA / DO-160F Environmental standards for maximum performance...

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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 3

Primary Flight Display with Vision-1® Egocentric View Advanced display technology and innovative presentation symbology combine to provide you with all the information you need, extensive, yet uncluttered. The PFD displays flight guidance, airspeed, vertical speed, altitude and heading, along with every bug, marker and other detail desired over a full-screen ADI display. Multiple optional display formats are pilotselectable, including Vision-1® Synthetic Vision System. In composite mode, the PFD adds Map or HSI displays in 360° and 120° arc formats* with optional weather radar display....

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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 4

Nav Display with Electronic Charts The Navigation Display (ND) presents Map and HSI views, as well as a host of interfacing com­ponents including the Vision-1® Synthetic Vision System, Electronic Charts, Checklists and Broadcast Weather. A navigation progress data block, in the upper portion of the screen, is provided for most ND modes. This progress bar, as shown below, provides information pertinent to the intended path of flight such as time and distance to the “TO” waypoint, next waypoint and destina­tion along with UTC, ETA, SAT and ISA variation. Nav Display with 360º Map View and...

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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 5

An array of Dzus-mounted control panels support 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-display configurations with dedicated / shared control. Model options for compatibility with night vision goggles are also available. CHP Course / Heading Control Panel is available in single or dual control format. It controls setting of the heading reference bug and short range NAV source course, with a “push to sync" function available for both. RSP Reference Select Control Panel supports setting of Speed and Altitude Reference Bugs on the PFD, Altitude Preselect and airspeed / altitude units of measure. Available in...

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EFI-890H Advanced Flight Display - 6

Flexible Integration Capabilities • More than 17 types of Attitude / Heading Sensors • Over 14 types of Air Data Sensors • Over 6 known Radio Altimeters • Over 13 different Weather Radar Systems • More than 10 different Flight Director / Autopilot systems (including ASCB Version A) • More than 5 Traffic Collision and Avoidance Systems (TCAS) • Supports Numerous Analog and Digital Radios Specifications Hardware Bezel Size: 7.84 in. H x 7.42 in. W Depth: 9.79 in. (back of bezel to rear of connector) Image Size: 6.3 in. H x 6.3 in. W (8.9 in. diagonal) Weight: 10.4 lbs. Mounting: 4-point...

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