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Integrated EFB with Own-Ship Position* Electronic Charts Reduce Pilot Workload Application Server Unit Improves Safety and Situational Awareness Enables Quicker Decision Making More Efficient Flight Management Class 3 EFB Solution Intelligently Speaks with Your Aircraft Systems Designed to the highest standard of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) cert­fication i requirements, the Application Server Unit (ASU) is a full-featured system providing benefits beyond those offered by other units. TSO’d as a Class 3 aircraft embedded avionics system, the ASU is installed in accordance with applicable airworthiness regulations to enable intelligent interface with the aircraft avionics systems, such as own-ship position. The ASU literally places a wealth of information at the pilot’s fingertips, with access to electronic aeronautical charts, checklists and E-DOCS. Features include a hide-toolbar function to maximize the display area, and multi operator-defined rotate and zoom levels to optimize readability. The JeppView™ electronic chart database provided directly from Jeppesen is loaded into solid-state memory in the remote-mounted ASU, where it provides terminal charts (airport, departure, arrival and approach) and associated NOTAMs to the pilot’s display. Departure and arrival airport information, available with a Universal Avionics Flight Management System (FMS), will conveniently and automatically prompt the display of the associated terminal charts. Manual searches are quickly accomplished through entry of airport name or ICAO identifier. The aircraft present position (PPOS) or own-ship position, when available, is depicted with a green aircraft symbol overlay on geo-referenced approach and airport charts – the latter increasing situational awareness even while taxiing. Pilots can create their aircraft-specific procedural checklists for normal, abnormal and emergency situations. A five-level menu hierarchy is provided along with the ability to incorporate additional notes. Colors indicate the checked status of each item and the pilot is empowered with optimum control over individual items and full list status. Documents such as flight manuals can be digitized and stored for convenient in-flight access with the PDF viewer. Display is accomplished through the EFI-890R/890H 8.9 in. diagonal Advanced Flight Display flight deck mounted system. The EFI-890R/890H 780 x 780-pixel, high-resolution LED-backlit display interfaces with a standard dzus-width Cursor Control Panel (CCP) for operational control. Supports: • Procedural Checklists – User-created checklists with discrete inputs for check-off. • Electronic Documents – Electronic Documents (E-DOCS) stored in the ASU for read-only display. • Present Position (PPOS) – Available on all geo-referenced charts. • Broadcast Weather Graphics – Supports broadcast weather graphics with PPOS (contact a Universal Avionics Regional Sales Manager for provider information). • External Video – Standar

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System Architecture Printer Onboard charts and E-DOC printing Jeppesen Subscription Chart Database SSDTU Solid-State Data Transfer Unit A ASU Application Server Unit Checklist Created offline on your PC CCP Cursor Control Panel RANGE/OPTIONS TFC RCP Radar Control Panel Airport Charts Size: 2 MCU Weight: 7.79 lbs. Power Source: Aircraft power Aircraft connectivity: Universal Avionics FMS, other FMS Inputs: ARINC 429 RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 RS-170 for Video (EVS camera) NTSC (standard camera) Bezel Size: 7.84 in. H x 7.42 in. W Depth: 9.79 in. (back of bezel to rear of connector) Weight: 10.4...

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