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Unique features: m Does not contain ITARorEAR components 9 Electronic fuel injection system with superior atomization m Optimum performance under broad environmental conditions a Integrated 100W onboard generator system ■ Proprietary silent muffler as standard equipment m Operator software for plug & play integration 9 Best in class sound signature, non-detectable at 700 m distance UAV Factory Europe Jaunbridagi-1, Marupe, LV2167, Latvia Phone: +371 20262126 sales@uavfactory. com 250 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 102, Bend, Oregon 97703, USA Phone: +1 (914) 591 3296 sales@ uavfactqry.com____ Maximum exportability Description: UAV28-EFI is a turnkey fuel injected engine system developed for small unmanned aircraft vehicles with up to 55 lbs takeoff weight. The engine is particularly suitable for the long endurance unmanned aircraft due to the excellent fuel consumption and very low acoustic signature. UAV28-EFI system is a fully integrated and cost-efficient engine system targeted to replace carbureted engines and significantly enhance unmanned aircraft reliability, endurance, and performance as well as to expand operational conditions. Simple integration with autopilots: • Throttle control though PWM, Serial or CAN • Standalone EFI monitor software works through serial passthrough with any datalink or autopilot • Precise real-time fuel consumption and fuel amount data • Seamless compatibility with Piccolo • Protocol availabe for engine integrators Fuel Injection Advantage: UAV28-EFI system was developed to address deficiencies of small carbureted engines that are well known for low inherent reliability and large fuel consumption. Engine reliability is often a limiting factor in small unmanned aircraft vehicle reliability. Small carbureted engines are very difficult to tune and maintain- engine failure is a number one cause of unmanned aircraft loss. UAV28-EFI utilizes automotive fuel injection processor with a miniature fuel injector capable of very fine atomization of fuel. Engine is controlled by purpose-developed ECU that takes into account Manifold Air Pressure, Manifold Air Temperature, RPM, Cylinder Head Temperature, Barometric pressure and Throttle Position to automatically calculate optimum fuel amount and spark timing. As result, UAV28-EFI does not need any tuning, operates efficiently and reliably. The time between maintenance is increased due the clean, efficient fuel burn.

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Excellent fuel consumption with 30 % improvement over carbureted engines Smooth and stable operation -30 C cold weather starting Optional automatic cooling system ■ Comes fully assembled, calibrated and tested a Onboard telemetry logging on 4 Gb flash card • Short lead time Integrated Turnkey Engine System: UAV28-EFI system is a turnkey solution that comes fully integrated with mature onboard generator system, high performance proprietary muffler system as well as fully automatic Temperature Control Duct (TCD). System includes generator power unit (GPU), Electronic Control Unit (ECU) as...

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’ depends on operational conditions. The maintenance program needs to be performed at prescribed intervals. UAV Factory Europe Jaunbridagi-1, Marupe, LV2167, Latvia Phone: +371 20262126 sales@uavfactory. com UAV Factory USA LLC 250 NW Franklin Ave, Suite 102, Bend, Oregon 97703, USA Phone: +1 (914) 591 3296 saiesfQuayfactory.com_____

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UA V Factory Europe Jaunbridagi-1, Marupe, LV2167, Latvia Phone: +37120262126 Dimensions UAV28-EFI: Dimensions ECU:

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