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ENGINES The AR731 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any rotary engine in the world. It has been specifically designed and developed to be the ultimate engine for small target drones and short-life UAV’s. TBO is 10 to 50 hours depending on duty cycle. This remarkable power unit offers many advantages over previously competitive twin cylinder 2-stroke engines. DESIGN FEATURES • Exceptionally high power to weight ratio • Small frontal area concentric to propeller axis • Low fuel consumption (allowing to greater range of payload) • Low levels of vibration • Both tractor and pusher versions available TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Engine type: Capacity: Power Output: Weight: Specific Fuel Consumption: Vibration Levels: Ignition System: Fuel Type: Single rotor Wankel-type engine 208cc chamber size 38bhp at 7,800rpm 21.7lbs (9.9kg) 0.57/lb/bhp/hr at max. power, 0.52 Ib/bhp/hr at cruise Zero radial vibration Electronic contact-less magneto Mogas regular grade or Avgas 100LL LYNN LANE SHENSTONE LICHFIELD WS14 ODT UNITED KINGDOM tel: +44 (0)1543 481819 Certain design features of the engine are covered by British, U.S. and other foreign patents. PROPULSION SYSTEMS

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SEE INSTALLATION DRAWINGS: 73-0006 for standard pusher version & 73-0008 for standard tractor version. 600 328 237 PERFORMANCE UP A TYPICAL PROPELLER LOAD LINE WIDE OPEN THROTTLE DYNAMOMETER PERFORMANCE DATA Conversion Factors: 1kW= 1 bhp 0.745 Brake mean effective pressure (lb/in2) = 5.96 x torque (lb ft) 1kg m = 7.23 lb ft 609 gm/kWh = 1.0 Ib/bhp hr 4.54 Litres = 1 Imp. Gal = 1.2 US Gal SPECIALIST PROPULSION SYSTEMS

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