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HIGH SPEED ELASTOMER ROTARY SEALING ACROSS A WIDE RANGE OF LUBRICATION CONDITIONS AND TEMPERATURES HiSpin™ HS40 meets the demanding temperature requirements of e-Mobility and high-speed electric motor applications, offering energy efficient sealing and extended life time performance. Developers are continuously improving the effectiveness of the electric drive unit; a combined electric motor and gearbox in a shared housing. XLT compounds has proven that these low temperature FKM grades outperform and extend the temperature performance capability of traditional FKM elastomers. The drive unit is the main cost-driver of future electric vehicle development and offers new challenges for automotive manufacturers. While the gearbox requires efficient lubrication, it is essential that the motor remains dry. Therefore, a highly reliable seal is required between the two parts. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is at the forefront of the development of sealing systems for electric-powered drivetrains, having been involved in the technology since its inception. As a result, engineered solutions have been developed specifically for electric-drive units that are also suitable for a broad variety of other electric-drive applications. Tested under extreme conditions, these seals offer superior, cost-effective performance and reliability. Providing outstanding low friction capabilities, HiSpin™ HS40 meets the demanding conditions of automotive high-speed electric motors. A unique hydrodynamic feature helps reduce frictional torque, while oil back-pumping leads to improved sealing performance without causing any shaft damage. Our proprietary XLT high-performance fluoroelastomer (FKM) elastomer range provides outstanding resistance to extreme engine conditions resulting from high motor speeds and aggressive synthetic ATF fluids. Testing of the new generation • Works at high speeds up to 40 m/s • Bi-directional sealing capability • Compact design to reduce assembly space • Wide temperature range, from -45°C to +200°C due to XLT FKM • Ability to handle run out • Excellent sealing performance in different lubricated environments • Adds value with low frictional torque • Reduction of heat development • Proven compatibility with various eMobility transmission fluids • Negligible shaft wear • Easy installation • Cost effective solution • Available in different outer diameter configurations, e.g. partially rubber covered Trelleborg Sealing Solutions develops, manufactures and supplies innovative engineered solutions for automotive applications. We have a commitment to satisfy our customers and to supply a consistent qu

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Copyright © 2018 Trelleborg AB (publ). All rights reserved. Information and related materials are subject to change without notice. HiSpin™ HS40 TECHNICAL DETAILS Assembly cross section Surface Requirements of shaft: Ra: Rz: Groove Dimensions Bearing ratio (Tp (Mr)): (50 - 70% @ depth of p = 0.25 Rz (Rtm); relative to a ref. line c: 5% tp Mating Surface Hardness: Housing design and correct installation are important for the performance of the HiSpin™ HS40. Information on shaft and housing design with installation guides are available from your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing...

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