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Toray Cetex® TC1225 Engineered PAEK 'TORAY'Toray Advanced Composites PRODUCT DATA SHEET DESCRIPTION Toray Cetex® TC1225 is a high-end thermoplastic composite material, utilizing a semi-crystalline engineered PAEK resin for excellent mechanical performance. The distinctive value of Toray Cetex® TC1225 over other composites with a PAEK family matrix is its superior processability due to a low melt viscosity and reduction in processing temperature by 50-75°C (122-167°F)*. Toray Cetex® TC1225 doesn't only yield a high-quality product used in ATL/AFP processes, it speeds up cycle times enabling cost-efficient production in all available formats. Additionally, Toray Cetex® TC1225 is an ideal composite to be overmolded with neat or short fiber reinforced PEEK resin, creating a very strong bond. Overmolding, integrating continuous fiber reinforced composites in an injection molding process, combines the strength of high-end composites with the design freedom and complexity of injection molding parts. Toray Cetex® TC1225 is available as a UD tape, a fabric prepreg, and as reinforced thermoplastic laminates (RTLs) of varying thicknesses. RTLs can be equipped with lightning strike protection, and carbon reinforced RTLs can be supplied with a thin glass top layer to protect a partly metallic assembly against galvanic corrosion. Glass scrim is also applicable in structures made from UD tape. ^Standard PEEK processes at temperatures up to 400°C (752°F) FEATURES Superior processability as a result of low melt viscosity and relatively low processing Form freedom—suited for overmolding with neat or short fiber reinforced PEEK Relatively low processing temperature enables shorter cycle times and less energy consumption Excellent mechanical performance, also at elevated temperatures Excellent toughness and Compression After Impact (CAI) resistance of 314 MPa (45.6 ksi) Very low moisture absorption Outstanding chemical and solvent resistance Indefinite shelf life at ambient temperature storage Excellent FST performance PRODUCT TYPE Engineered PAEK (PolyArylEtherKetone) Thermoplastic Resin System TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Primary and secondary aircraft structures I High load aircraft interiors applications I Access panels, rib stiffeners, brackets I Medical Oil and gas TYPICAL NEAT RESIN PROPERTIES Europe/Middle East/Africa e t +31 (0) 548 633 933

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Toray Cetex® TC1225 Engineered PAEK 'TORAY'Toray Advanced Composites PRODUCT DATA SHEET PHYSICAL PROPERTIES MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Standard Modulus Carbon 145gsm UD Tape 34% RC

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Toray Cetex® TC1225 Engineered PAEK 'TORAY'Toray Advanced Composites PRODUCT DATA SHEET Intermediate Modulus Carbon 145gsm FAW UD Tape Laminate 34% RC

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Toray Cetex® TC1225 Engineered PAEK 'TORAY'Toray Advanced Composites PRODUCT DATA SHEET High Strength T300JB 3K Carbon 280gsm 5HS Woven Fabric Reinforced Laminate 42% RC HEALTH & SAFETY Health and safety information on handling and processing Toray composite materials is described in the Safety Data Sheet available from Toray Advanced Composites. To obtain this or any other information about Toray Cetex® PAEK thermoplastic composite materials, contact Toray Advanced Composites. © 2019. All data given is based on representative samples of the materials in question. Since the method and...

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