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TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES TenCate Cetex and ® CFRT Thermoplastic Advanced Composites Product Selection Guide Aerospace Electronics Industrial Medical Oil & Gas Recreational Transportation Thermoplastic Advanced Composites Thermoplastic Laminates - Thermoplastic Bulk Molding Compounds

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TenCate Cetex® and CFRT® Thermoplastic Advanced Composites TenCate Cetex® and CFRT® brand of thermoplastic composites are widely valued in aerospace as a result of their durability, structural strength and processing advantages. Advanced Thermoplastic Composites TenCate Advanced Composites is a global leader in thermoplastic advanced composite materials. We have shipped hundreds of thousand of pounds of thermoplastic composite materials for a broad range of applications including aircraft structures, oil and gas exploration, medical devices, electronics, sporting goods and industrial...

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Thermoplastic composites utilize fusion welding which makes the rib to skin bond as strong as the material. Southwest® Airlines’ 737 galleys are produced with TenCate Cetex RTL laminates. TenCate Cetex meets the flammability, durability and aesthetic requirements and can be processed rapidly to minimize cost. Meeting the challenge Thermoplastic composites are similar to thermoset composites: • Excellent resistance to solvents • Good impact strength and toughness • Ability to carry structural loads • Excellent hot/wet performance Commercial aircraft interiors value TenCate Cetex®...

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Industry Applications A Perfect Match – Advanced engineering polymers, combined with advanced fiber reinforcements are used to fabricate durable, structural and productionefficient components. Go lighter... Airbus A340 and A380 J-nose leading edges are made with TenCate Cetex thermoplastic advanced composites for impact resistance and weight reduction. Aerospace – The aerospace industry uses TenCate Cetex® composites for applications ranging from structural components, such as wing leading edges, engine pylon structures, cargo flooring, acoustic structures, interior galleys and a wide...

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Product Forms Prepregs/Semi-Pregs - This material form represents fabrics and unidirectional tapes which have been impregnated with thermoplastic resin. Depending upon the process and polymer used the resin may reside on the surface of the fabric (semi-preg) or may be fully impregnated (prepreg). Thermoplastic fabric based prepregs are drapable, but do not have tack. They are used for larger single curvature parts where plies are built up. Unidirectional thermoplastic tapes are best suited for use in automated tape placement or automated blank lay up with secondary thermoforming operations,...

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TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES PRODUCTS Thermoplastic composites Thermoplastic laminates Thermoset composites Parts manufacture QUALIFICATIONS ISO 9001 AS 9100 Burlington - Ontario, Canada Fairfield - California, United States Morgan Hill - California, United States Camarillo - California, United States Nottingham, United Kingdom Nijverdal, the Netherlands Guangzhou, China TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES 18410 Butterfield Blvd. Morgan Hill, CA 95037 Tel: +1 408 776 0700 TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES, NL G. van der Muelenweg 2 7443 RE Nijverdal NL Tel: +31 548 633 933 TENCATE PERFORMANCE COMPOSITES...

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