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$£Tencate materials that make a difference

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TenCate High Temperature Materials TenCate Advanced Composites and Performance Polymer Solutions Inc. have joined forces to supply leading-edge high temperature composites solutions. P2SI®, now part of PROOF Research™, is the world's leading developer of high temperature resins. Under exclusive license, TenCate is the supplier of prepregs made with P2SI® resins. TenCate provides very high temperature composites for demanding applications ranging from: • Jet engines, ducts and hot sections • Leading edges on hypersonic vehicles • Heat shields and heat protection systems • Rocket engine...

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PRODUCTS Thermoplastic composites • Thermoplastic laminates Thermoset composites Parts manufacture For more information about High Temperature Materials, please visit us online and download our latest datasheets: QUALIFICATIONS ISO 9001 AS 9100 Ontario, Canad Fairfield - California, United States Morgan Hill - California, United States Camarillo - California, United States Nottingham, United Kingdom Guangzhou, China TENCATEADVANCED COMPOSITES, NL G. van der Muelenweg 2 7443 RE Nijverdal NL Tel: +31 548 633 933 Fax: +31 548 633 299 TENCATE ADVANCED COMPOSITES, UK $$ TENCATE materials that...

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