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LEADER IN GROUND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT TLD is a Group totally dedicated to the design, assembly, distribution and after-sales support of aviation Ground Support Equipment (GSE), with a history of 60 years in the industry. 7 factories in 3 continents 1,200 employees Over 11 Over 110 R& engineers and Over 110 R&D engineers and &D ine ne 10 USD spent 10 MUSD spent on R&D each year US R& R&D each year Over 12 employee dedicated to Over 120 employees dedicated t employee oyee di af e sale upport through pare par s after sa e support through spare parts upport through pare arts pp art and field...

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 3

37 SALES AND SERVICE OFFICES IN 22 COUNTRIES Moscow London Sorigny Düsseldorf Paris Montlouis-S./Loire Budapest St.-Lin Seattle Sherbrooke Windsor Bari Madrid Phoenix Los Angeles Mexico city Dallas Seguin Orlando Miami Tel Aviv Casablanca Dubai Bogota Equator Beijing Seoul Palmero (Buenos Aires) Tokyo Wuxi Chengdu Taipei Guangzhou Shenzhen Hong Kong Sales and support offices Manufacturing facilities Sales and service partners Singapore

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 4

TLD OPENS A NEW FACTORY IN SORIGNY (FRANCE) In late 2014 TLD opened a new facility at Sorigny, 30 km south of Tours (in the Loire Valley area of France), incorporating a large part of the activity of the nearby historical TLD Montlouis production facility. TLD Sorigny is a state-of-the-art facility fully dedicated to aircraft tractors. With a land reserve of 20 acres and 7,000 square meters (75,350 sq. feet) built in phase 1, the site now houses Product Support, Development, Supply Chain, Quality and Production departments with the capacity currently to produce 250 tractors per year. With...

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 5

THE TLD PRODUCT RANGE REMAINS IN SYNC WITH THE LATEST EMISSION REGULATIONS TLD Sorigny facility extension (2017) located at the TLD t d t th T D Montlouis-sur-Loire facility will be relocated to Sorigny in an enlarged office building (picture below). TLD TLD warmly welcomes its t customers to visit the brand new home of its aircraft tractor lines. have been subject to stringent environmental testing, demonstrating the robustness of TLD’s design and component selection process. The main site expansion has been the acquisition of the neighboring 5,200 M2 (56,000 sq. feet) building to warehouse...

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 6

Manufacturers (TPEM) or Flexibility scheme in EU in some power ranges. This option was motivated by several factors: most of the engine manufacturers were not ready or failed to respect their commitment on specification or lead time, the technologies proposed to meet T4i were not adapted to our applications (DPF), so the engineering efforts spent to develop short-term intermediate solutions were often unreasonable. For the Tier 4 Final transition, TLD defined some guidelines for engine selection to ensure consistency within our product range regardless of location of manufacture: > Preference...

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 7

TLD ADDS A HEAVY CARGO TRACTOR TO ITS CARGO AND BAGGAGE TRACTORS RANGE TLD proudly introduces the JCT- series, a new heavy cargo tractor line. The JCT cargo tractor will share several design features with the smaller JST baggage tractor but with a heavier frame, a more powerful diesel driveline and 2 different sizes from which to choose. The JCT Cargo Tractor has been developed according to the TLD engineering spirit: Simple, Reliable and Easy to Maintain. Designed for robustness, the JCT Tractor is based on a single part chassis with a galvanized front, offering excellent access to...

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TLD HIGHLIGHTS  2015-2016 - 8

Design and production: e events TLD MIDDLE EAST - AFRICA INDIA HEAD OFFICE Tel: + 971 4703 0409 Fax: +971 4299 5852 TLD SOUTH EAST ASIA KOREA HEAD OFFICE Tel: +852 2692 2181 Fax: +852 2691 2604

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