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Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided Card Reader CR5400i


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THALES Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400i Thales Gemalto intelligent iSeries Cradle for CR5400 identity & Biometric Solutions Product Use With built-in high-performance processing and networking the Thales Gemalto Intelligent Double-sided ID Card Reader CR5400i inspects and images credit card sized identity documents (85 x 54mm) in the cloud and virtual computing environments typically used in visitor management, retail, financial, hospitality and similar operations. With barcode reading and an optional RFID chip reader the Gemalto CR5400i is an all-in-one data capture device feeding advanced document and identity authentication SaaS systems. The Gemalto CR5400i reader combines an intelligent iSeries cradle accessory with the Gemalto Double-Sided Reader CR5400 creating an intelligent iSeries networked ID card reader. Available as: • Reader and cradle combined - the CR5400i complete system • iSeries cradle for CR5400 - converts a dumb reader to CR5400i iSeries Overview The Intelligent "i" series readers include an embedded Arm® processor running Linux® meaning that for networked mode all the document processing is carried out on the reader. Ready for the cloud the Gemalto CR5400i uses web style encrypted messaging to simplify app development, deployment and maintenance. For the customer this means: • The Gemalto CR5400i can connect to any mobile device, phone or tablet • The reader can be used in pool mode connecting to multiple devices • A single computer can connect to multiple readers • Flexible install options • Faster development cycles and lower life time IT costs • Connections to software as a Service (SaaS) back-ends • No SDK to manage

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KEY FEATURES • Ethernet and WiFi network interfaces running the Web-API host interface • Device, Operating System and language independent • Connectivity to enterprise SaaS solutions • Data security built in by design • Double-sided document imaging, OCR and barcode reading for ID1 size documents including RFID chip reading & AAMVA decoder • Reads ID cards and driver's licences in any orientation and presents images correct way up • Simple drop in action with automatic card detection and processing • Automatic card eject when reading is complete or when power is turned off • Configurable...

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identity & Biometric Solutions Minimum host Specification in Networked mode In Networked mode Thales provides a thin Messaging API layer which can run on any device, OS and language that supports JSON, WebSockets and ECDH key exchange, typically: • Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1 or Windows® 10 operating systems, 32 or 64 bit • Builds for Ubuntu and CentOS LTS, 32 & 64 bit • i OS and macOS for iPhone and iPads, etc • Android™ for mobile phones and tablets with network connectivity • Java JVM Browser Management Console Just like any network device the iSeries readers have a management console which...

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iSeries Cradle for CR5400 Features Identity & Biometric Solutions Regulatory (pending) Standard Dimensions •  WEEE, REACH & RoHS Directive EU Service & Maintenance Operating Environment • One-year warranty •  Annual maintenance agreement available •  Temperature: -10º to 50º C operating; -20º to 50º C storage Factory Install Options The Network cradle can have the following factory fit options: •  Contact smart card according to ISO7816 Cradle Status Indicators •  triple color LEDs indicate network connection and 2 processor status Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista, Visual C++, Visual C#...

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