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OFFER / ANGEBOT / DRAFT Pulse pressure test bench >DP2A< Universal test bench for computer-controlled testing of A380 components up to 8000psi dynamic and 26000psi static testing > Temperature simulation -60°C to +110°C > Dynamic and static pressure testing of hydraulic components, e.g. housings, tubes, connecting devices, etc. > Quick-clamping system for UUTs pre-mounted on a trolley TEST-FUCHS GmbH / Test-Fuchs Strasse 1-5 / A-3812 Gross-Siegharts T +43(0)2847 9001-0 / F +43(0)2847 9001-299 / office@test-fuchs.com

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GENERAL INFORMATION > Quick-deaeration using vacuum > Stainless steel construction Test outputs Static pressure test circuit Vacuum circuit with separator Air circuit Control pressure circuit LP pump circuit Main tank N2 circuit N2 reservoir Cooling water circuit max. 25lpm max. 550bar with highly dynamic servovalve for curve generation 5 to 540bar max. 1800bar up to 900mbar max. 10bar max. 5lpm max. 160bar max. 30lpm max. 20bar approx. 100litres N2 connector max.300bar max. 550bar max. 105lpm max. 5bar Mains supply Nominal current Nominal power Preliminary protection Air supply Water...

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