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Tern Systems Tern Simulator System Overview General • • • • • Open and extensible system architecture Commercial X86 processors - COTS hardware Linux operating system Standard communication protocols (TCP/IP, UDP/IP) Developed in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 procedures Support for various levels of ATC training • • • • • • Ab Initio Oceanic Control Area Control −− Procedural and surveillance Approach Control Aerodrome Control Advanced (Refresher) Full “Gate to Gate” training • • Include multiple controllers in a single training session Multiple controller roles: aerodrome, approach and area, in a single training session Controller environment, based on customer requirement • • Specific situation- and flight-data-displays can be emulated, or Operational situation- and flight-data- displays can be stimulated through the use of industry standard protocols, including: −− Issuing and transmission of AFTN messages −− Inter-center coordination through OLDI or AIDC −− Radar data formats: CD-2, ASTERIX, CRC16 and FAA −− ADS data processing and tracking (ADS-B and ADS-C) Roles in the training facility include • • • • • Exercise creator Localization and maintenance Instructor / Supervisor Controller / Student Pseu

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TSIM - 2

Tern Systems Tern Simulator System Components Simulation Engine • HIFI capabilities −− Full stimulation capabilities of external operational systems Surveillance equipment simulation −− ADS-B −− Radar simulation −− Beam rotation −− Mode A/C −− Multiple formats −− ASTERIX −− CD-2 −− FAA −− CRC16 NAVaid equipment simulation −− ILS, DME, VOR, NDB Data-link communication simulation −− CPDLC, ADS-C Flight Data communication support −− AFTN, OLDI, AICD Coordination simulation −− Adjacent sector simulation −− Flexible ICD configuration Weather simulation −− Weather transitions −− Wind,...

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TSIM - 3

Tern Systems Tern Simulator System Components Training Session Control • • • • • • • • • • Intuitive overview of on-going training sessions Manage multiple training sessions from the same control interface Add new or terminate on-going training sessions Add or remove participants to/from an on-going training session Control simulation time with start, stop, pause, resume and fast-forward operations Participate in an active training session, with full pseudo-pilot functionality Create incidents and emergency conditions Control recording of training session Review previous training session...

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TSIM - 4

Tern Systems Tern Simulator System Components • Safety nets −− Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA) −− Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW) −− Danger Area Infringement Warning (DAIW) −− Approach Path Monitoring (APM) −− Cleared Level Adherence Monitoring (CLAM) −− Route Adherence Monitoring (RAM) −− Missed Position Report (MPR) −− Actual Time Over Monitoring (ATOM Airport Information and Control Display −− Weather information that include: −− QNH −− Atmosphere temperature −− Atmosphere dew-point −− Visibility −− Wind dial −− Status of navigational aids in the training session −− Displays runway...

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