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Tern Systems Situation and Flight Data Processing System for Tower, Approach and Area Control Centres The TAS System is scalable from a single Air Situation Display, to enhance situation awereness for controllers, to a full scale setup for Tower, Approach and Area Control. Tower, Approach and ACC −− Air Situation Display −− Flight Data Display Supervisor Technical Maintenance Flight Data Operator ATC Specialist Data Analyst Billing Recording Playback Training / Testing WS (Simulation Subsystem) System Overview • • • • • Open system LAN-based architecture Commercial X86 processors (COTS hardware) LINUX operating system Standard communication protocols (IEEE-802.3, TCP/IP, UDP/IP) Color raster displays : −− Rectangular or Widescreens of any size −− High resolution: 2560 x 1600 and 2Kx2K pixels −− Standard graphics : X-Window, MOTIF Advanced software language (C++), commercial databases (MySQL) and standard database access languages (4GL, SQL) Dual reduntant servers Dual reduntant LAN (Local Area Network) Tern Systems - Clear view of the skies Modular and scalable Intergrated surveillance and FDP Tactical and strategic control Conflict detection Recording and play

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TAS - 2

Tern Systems System Components • • • • Situation and Flight Data Displays (SDD/FDD) Data Recording Facility (DFR) System Management Console (SMC) Flight Data Processing (FDP) −− Message Processing in accordance with ICAO Doc 4444 −− Automatic and/or manual coordination supporting both AIDC and OLDI −− Repetitive Flight Plans (RPL) −− Weather Message Processing Surveillance Data Processing (SDP) −− Radar data input processing and real-time quality control −− Monoradar and multiradar tracking and fusion −− Distribution of system tracks to external users −− Weather data processing −− ADS data...

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