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Webbing Options >> Tensabarrier® Wall Units are ideal for areas requiring periodic access restriction without taking up floor space. As part of the Tensabarrier® product line, the world’s original retractable webbing barrier system, our wall units use the same retracting mechanism as the floor standing Tensabarrier® posts. Tensator’s webbing cassettes have a patented braking system that incorporates twin brake shoes. This slow retract technology allows the webbing to fall to the floor upon release and then slowly and safely retract back into the post, eliminating the risk of an accident. Retail Close off checkouts, alcohol displays or changing rooms. Factory / Warehouse Shut down aisles when using forklifts; use as a hazard warning for empty loading docks; create quarantine areas; or restrict access during maintenance work. Hospital / Healthcare / Schools Control or restrict corridor access during maintenance work or cleaning. Airports / Bus / Train Station Prevent access to lifts and escalators during periods or close check-in desks. Museum / Amusement Parks Mark closed rides, attractions or displays. Product shown: 897P 150mm wide webbing belt creates a more visible barrier and ensures printed message will stand

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50mm webbing 896 Mini / HC Webbing Length: 896 Mini: 2.3m 896 HC: 3.65m Colours: Available in the full range of finishes. Our classic compact and economical unit for multiple applications. Easy to install and extremely reliable. 50mm webbing 896CM Reverse Mount Webbing Length: 2.3m Colours: Available in the full range of finishes. The webbing cassette is reversed on the mounting bracket which allows the unit to be concealed and installed flush against a wall surface. 50mm webbing 892N Recess Unit Webbing Length: 2.3m Colours: Black and White Designed for mounting in a recess, the 892N...

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Includes the 898 Wall Receiver; which is screw mounted to the opposite wall. Other Options >> Wire Clip Tape End A metal clip secures the belt end by looping around an upright and clipping back on the webbing. Ideal where the clamp mount is used and attaching a wall receiver is not practical. Panic Break Tape End * Provides a panic breakaway in both directions, allowing for a fast exit in an emergency. Supplied with the 898 Wall Receiver; which is screw-mounted to the opposite wall. Magnetic Tape End The tape end contains a magnet, so that the webbing can be attached to metal surfaces...

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