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Pit Protection Tensabarrier® Solutions Tensator offer a selection of high visibility retractable webbing posts to improve visual safety protection around service pits, at train and bus depots. These posts are designed to be located around a pit area and additional wall clips can connect the webbing posts to pit bridges. Tensator's retractable technology allows the safety barrier system to move with the pit bridge, ensuring that the pit is cordoned off at all times. The high visibility barrier systems are extremely flexible and can be connected to wall mounted barrier units, making them perfect for installing around existing pits or integrated into new builds. Engineers can easily retract the webbing to work within a specific part of a bus or train, saving time, yet ensuring safety, adhering to the Health & Safety Executive requirements for inspection pits. 3.65m Pit Protection Post Features: H High visibility yellow post measuring 955mm high H 3.65m of printed “Beware Open Pit” safety message webbing E2 Post houses 3.8m of webbing, enabling a 3.65m webbing extension E2 Modular cassette design offering four-point 4-way connectivity E2 For improved longevity, metal splines and soft rubber tape ends are provided as standard H Mild steel post as standard, available in stainless steel on request H Available as a free standing, surface fixed or socket mounted post H Free standing variant features a black weighted base measuring 342mm diameter H Socket mounted posts have a stainless steel spigot; the socket depth is dependant on location Features: H High visibility yellow post measuring 955mm high H 120mm square tube H 7.0m of printed “Beware Open Pit” safety message webbing H The 7.0m webbing extension proves more cost-effective for long linear runs H Post houses 7.5m of webbing, enabling a 7.0m webbing extension 2-way webbing connectivity 3.65m Pit Protection Post MILTON KEYNES NEW YORK DUBAI PARIS FRANKFURT WROCLAW Owing to the dynamic nature of our business, specifications are constantly being changed and therefore this literature is for informational purposes only For the most up to date information, please visit our website www.tensatorgroup.com. Tensator makes no warranties, express or implied, in this document. E&OE. www.tensatopgpoup.com DATA_PIT_PROTECTION_VI_MK

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7.0m Square Pit Protection Post Q 5mm thick mild steel post Q Only available as a socket mounted post with a stainless steel spigot; the socket depth is dependant on location Benefits of 3.65m and 7.0m Pit Protection Posts: Q Webbing retracts back into the unit, removing trip hazards and enabling easy cleaning around the post Q Both socket mounted posts can be removed fully from the floor for thorough cleaning, and a supplied cap cover prevents debris from falling into the hole E2 Socket mounted options have a small footprint, to take up less space in a busy maintenance area than a...

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