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Endumax® - 1

An ultra-strong performance film.

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Endumax® - 2

From ballistic shields and airfreight cargo containers to laminated yacht sails and loudspeaker cones, Teijin Aramid’s Endumax® adds value – by protecting, supporting and A unique production process empowering – in key applications across a wide range of What types of Endumax® are available? industries. Endumax®, which is made from a special type of Different formats, same outstanding properties Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), raises performance in crucial areas. So – whether a product needs to deliver extra strength, or higher ballistic or abrasion resistance – even in...

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Endumax® - 3

What is Endumax®? Developed by Teijin Aramid’s materials science experts, and brought to the market in 2012, Endumax® is a highperformance UHMWPE material. Its unique physical and chemical structure makes it – weight for weight – 11 times stronger than steel. What’s more, this unique structure enables a range of superlative performance properties, including new levels of resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and high temperatures. In this way, Endumax® can reliably transform normal products into extraordinary ones. Over time, Endumax® has become a go-to solution across industries and...

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Endumax® - 4

A unique production process The unique properties of Endumax® are enabled by a unique production process. To start with, UHMWPE is compacted into an extremely rigid sheet. Using our special technology and equipment, this sheet is rolled and stretched to the right thickness, which is between 40 and 60 μm. In this way, the long polymer chains are aligned, giving Endumax® a unique set of mechanical properties. From here, films can be split to create narrower films or laid next to each other to form laminates with a maximum width of 1.6 m. In line with our wider corporate responsibilities,...

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Endumax® - 5

What types of Endumax® are available? Endumax® delivers high performance to a wide range of applications and different industries in two main formats: Endumax® film TA23 and Endumax® cross-ply SHIELD. Endumax® film TA23 is available with a standard thickness of approximately 50 - 60 µm and in three main widths: 2 mm, 4 mm and 133 mm. Endumax® SHIELD XF23 and Endumax® SHIELD XF33 are ready to stack and consolidate to plates, helmets or other shaped parts of varying thickness, offering excellent stiffness and outstanding ballistic protection. Compared to Endumax® SHIELD XF23, the improved...

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Endumax® - 6

Different formats, same outstanding properties Extremely high modulus Chemical and fire resistance For a material of low density, Endumax® has an unparalleled high modulus, enabling performance that is above and beyond other reinforcement materials. The unique chemical and physical structure of Endumax® enables performance even under challenging conditions that include exposure to fire and chemicals. Superior weathering Endumax® film Conventional UHMWPE yarn In every weather condition, Endumax® will keep on performing from start to finish. Unlike other reinforcement yarns, Endumax®...

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Endumax® - 7

How is Endumax® used? Aquaculture nets Ballistic protection Often located far away from replacement nets or maintenance operatives, aquaculture nets need to be built to last and offer total reliability to fish farmers. Netting durability can directly impact on the netting operation quality for aquaculture farmers. Endumax® net products not only offer long-lasting performance and have low shrinkage, they also decrease bio-fouling and improve cleaning efficiency. Protective composites made from Endumax® are used in insert plates, protective panels and helmets, and offer a very high energy...

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Endumax® - 8

Piercarlo Molta | CEO Flexon Composites Laminated sails Ropes, cables and slings Endumax® film offers a very high modulus, good UV resistance, and good flex fatigue, making it very suitable for use in laminated sails. Sails made of Endumax® keep their shape even under severe forces, they are not damaged by ultra-violet light, and they can be endlessly folded and unfolded. Unlike the round shape of ordinary fibers, the flat form of Endumax® film lends itself naturally to the flat surface of sails. Fibers require the use of more resin, and carbon fibers tend to be too brittle to be used for...

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Endumax® - 9

From automotive and oil & gas, to civil engineering, ballistic protection and beyond, our products are empowering excellence in diverse markets and applications around the globe. By enabling lighter, stronger and more resistant materials. And by taking durability, protection and efficiency to new levels. Whether you choose Twaron®, Teijinconex®, Technora® or Endumax®, our high-performance materials are an enduring guarantee of reliability. You can be sure of that. Please e-mail us at: or visit Disclaimer: this data reflects our best...

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