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I CJF ■_I scScan's TOFD system is a versatile tool designed for Time-Of-Flight Diffraction inspections of welds. Whether you are inspecting pressure vessels, plates or pipes, TecScan's TOFD system will meet all your inspection requirements. At the heart of the system is a user friendly software package, TecView™ TOFD, which will assist you in performing all your TOFD inspections. TecView™ TOFD is a true Windows® based software designed for Time Of Flight Diffraction inspections. Combining the best of Windows® operating system and graphical user interface, its intuitive and user-friendly interface features are specifically developed for the inspection of welds in plates, pipes and other cylindrical structures. Including Optimization tools for the inspection setup, Data acquisition and Management, as well as Analysis and Interpretation modules, this software assists with the task of performing TOFD inspections from start to finish. Magnetic and rubber wheels Handles for easy manipulation Portable computer for field work Low noise ultrasonic instrumentation Scanner designs for plates and pipes Simple probe adjustments Complete multi-tasking software Real-time A and D-Scans display Accurate hyperbolic cursors Easy data analysis and flaw sizing TOFD Modeling & optimization setup Angle beam inspection utilities Reporting capabilities Testing configurations in compliance with ASME codes 75 De Mortagne Blvd., Suite 122, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada J4B 6Y4

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• Industrial, Portable Computer • Dual Core Processor • 1 Gb RAM •HDD 120 Gb • 1024 x 768 Color Display •Intuitive and user friendly interface •TOFD setup modeling and visualization •Full waveform digitalization •A-Scan synchronization gates •Inspection calibration capabilities •Accurate hyperbolic cursors •Parallel and perpendicular scans utilities •Angle beam inspection rectification • Easy data analysis and flaw sizing •Inspection report generator •Computer Controlled (USB 2.0) •375V Spike and Square Pulser • 10-500 ns Pulse Width (Fall time < 6 ns) • 50 MHz Receiver Bandwidth •...

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