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Pulser Receiver UTPR-8 NDT Instruments High Performance Multichannel UT Computer Controlled NDT Instruments for Automated Testing Systems and more ... TecScan’s UTPR-8 instrument is a high performance non-destructive testing instrument. The instrument is flexible and designed for automated inspection systems and demanding scanning applications. Combining the UTPR-8 with TecView™ UT data acquisition and analysis software would result in powerful UT solution. The UTPR-8 is a universal solution for multichannel UT inspections that can be scaled up to 32 pulser-receiver channels. Whether the application requires Fast Data Acquisition, Real-time C-Scan Imaging, Repeatability, Near & Far Surface Resolution, Penetration Power or Channel Configuration Versatility, this unit has what it takes to meet the challenge. UTPR-8 Features & Advantages High data throughput High data acquisition and data transfer throughput UTPR-8 fast data transfer rate 300 MB/S Data transfer rate of 300 MB/S 80000 A-scans/s (1024-point A-scan) Up to 32 pulser/receiver channels Available in a rack-mount or desktop version and Configurable up to 32 independent pulser/receiver channels Selectable pulse type Computer selectable pulse type (Bipolar or unipolar square) Computer controlled USB 3.0 computer controlled along with TecViewTM UT Receivers support DAC/TCG & BEA With TecViewTM UT, the TCG curves & BEA are easily configured

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TecViewTM UT Features: - Full waveform acquisition - Motion control up to 12 axes - Inspection, Imaging and Analysis modules - Live display of A, B and C-Scans - Inspection report generator - C-Scan gating capabilities (up to 16) - DAC curves, TCG & BEA controls - Defect measurement and analysis tools C-scan imaging UTPR-8 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Channels Number of channels 8 pulser-receiver channels (optional up to 32 channels) Channels specifications Independent pulser and receiver on each channel Channels configurations Pulse-echo &Through-transmission Pulser type Bipolar square,...

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