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Airports - 2

“WORKING TOGETHER FOR YOU” Tecnove Business Group is a holding company made up of 10 companies which work together on a daily basis to maintain the leadership in each of the sectors in which they are present. The knowledge and experience of 35 years of career, as well as the contribution of each and every one of the companies, allow us to optimise results, provide integrated solutions, and offer the best customised products and services anywhere in the world. VEHICLES We design, manufacture and maintain all types of bodywork and special vehicles, incorporating the latest technology and...

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Airports - 3

TECNOVE Tecnove is a leading company with more of 30 years of experience, we have the necessary capacity to offer a quality service where the customer requires it. Tecnove’s business lines focus on: - The manufacture, repair and maintenance of all types of special vehicles and containers. - Catering, services and construction of modular buildings and temporary or fixed installations. - Management and forestry advice for public or private institutions. Tecnove has it’s headquarters in Herencia (Ciudad Real). It also has a commercial office in Madrid and international delegations...

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Airports - 4

Catering The vehicles we manufacture allow our customers to have a wide range of possibilities, both in the payload of the vehicle and in the height of deployment of the lifting system; being able to adapt to all types of aircraft and specifications. For our GSE equipment we use engines and chassis from the best brands: Volvo, Renault, and Mercedes among others, which provides the necessary reliability to work under the We build catering vehicles specially designed to cover food supply services on commercial aircraft. rigorous conditions required by airport operations. We are the leading...

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Airports - 5

Ambulift We adapt vehicles to facilitate easy and safe access for people with reduced mobility to any type of aircraft. The interior of the vehicle is fully conditioned and air-conditioned. The module has mooring systems with rails located on the ground that allow the anchoring of wheelchairs and stretchers. In addition, it has a row of folding seats located on one of the sides for other travelers or passengers. Our systems have lifting platforms for stretchers and wheelchairs equipped with the corresponding safety elements to provide a comfortable and efficient service to travellers.

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Airports - 6

We provide vehicles designed for the execution of maintenance operations in aircraft. These vehicles are equipped with the necessary space and equipment to carry out the maintenance tasks of the aircraft. MAINTENANCE VEHICLES

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Airports - 7

We offer a wide range of products and services intended to serve any cleaning activity such as tankers for the supply of drinking water or waste water removal, among others. Cisterns Trucks specially designed to service different aircraft. The tanks have a capacity from 1.000 l to 3.000 l. These units can be adapted depending on the customer needs with different options like a rear basket or an automatic hose reel.

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Airports - 8

SPECIAL VEHICLES Tecnove also offers other products to cover the different needs within the airport, and thanks to the feedback obtained from our customers, we are increasing this portfolio of products.

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Airports - 9

Tecnove devices and systems bring a series of precise features that allow them to provide the user with a comfortable and intuitive experience. We provide remote control diagnostic systems, control panels, electrical We have a wide range of devices and systems with different functionalities adapted for different specific tasks. systems, lifting systems and hydraulic systems among others.

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Airports - 10 HERENCIA Avda. Alcázar 6 13640 - Herencia - Ciudad Real (España) +34 926 571 032 MADRID C/ Joaquín Bau, 2 28036 - Madrid (España) +34 673 076 45

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