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- Multi-Function Ultrasonic Inspection Systems Applications • Pressure Vessels • Pipeline Welds • Composites • Structural Welds • Forgings & Castings • Turbine Disks & Blades • Aircraft Components • Hydrogen Damage Surveys • Corrosion Surveys Features • Extensive On-Board Analysis Tools • Powerful Reporting Functions • On-Board 2-axis Motor Control Drive Unit • Import Phased Array Setups from ESBeamTool® • User Replaceable Batteries (hot swappable) • Up to 64/128PR Phased Array • 8 Independent Conventional Ultrasonic Channels • 3 Axis Encoding, video tracking • Simultaneous PA,ToFD and/or PR data collection • 128GB SSD Storage Techniques • Phased Array • TOFD • Pulse Echo • Corrosion Mapping • Weld Zone Discrimination • General Flaw Detection • 2D Matrix Arrays • Dual Linear Arrays Software • Phased Array/Pulse Echo • AWS • TOFD • Strip-Scan • Long Range (Creep Wave & Corrosion Mapping) • TD Super-View • ESBeamTool® included • AVG Antivirus E&OE - All specifications are subject to change. It is advisable to check all information provided. Mnova .INSTRUMENTS

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TD Focus-ScanRX Technical SpecificationHardware System Options Signal Averaging Number Of Channels Averaging Rates Peak Processing Number of Active Channels Number Of Focal Laws Dynamic Depth Focusing Digitisation A/D Sampling Frequency System Bandwidth(-3dB) Max Pulse Repetition Frequency Peak Storage Modes Threshold Setup Number Of Peaks Per Gate Scanner Interface Ports Phased Array = 8Bit & 14Bit @ 100MHz Conventional = 8Bit & 14Bit @ 100MHz Phased Array = 0.25MHz to 25MHz Conventional = 0.25MHz to 25MHz Variable up to 10KHz Input Type Number of Axis Encoder Interface Video Input Motor...

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