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PCA pit for Airports and Aircraft Hangars The unique design of TDA’s PCA pit caters for optimal storage of the hose, easy access to the PCA connection device and maximum protection of the hose, Thanks to the bended guiding tubes.. TDA’s PCA pits are available for all PCA hose technologies. Upon opening the pit, the aircraft connector is presented above ground, at hand level. PCA pit with Pop Out System Characteristics of the pit: Standard features: ➜ Pop Out system presenting the hose above ground ➜ Tulip shaped PCA hose extraction guide ➜ Anti-corrosion system (aluminum or epoxy painted steel) ➜ Spiral PCA hose. Maximum length depending on the depth of the pit and on the compressibility of the hose. ➜ Opening and closing assisted by counterweights. ➜ PCA hose storage guiding by pit internal guiding tubes ➜ Automatic locking in open and in closed position ➜ Secure manual unlocking ➜ The flap is fitted with a non-slip grooved sheet Optional extras: ➜ Separate maintenance hatch for underground access

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PCA pit Characteristics and options Safety : • Automatic hatch locking system in open position • Manual hatch unlocking system away from any dangerous area • Non-slip grooved sheet on hatch • Connector presented above the ground Maintenance: • Specific hatch for easy access to underground pit • Easy access to hose fixing for removal Main dimensions : • 14’’ hose with spring steel spiral protection • Standard 8’’ aircraft connector Connecting the aircraft on the ground Pictures and data are non binding and can be changed by the manufacturer without notice Reliability: • Anti-corrosion...

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