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Mobile Converter More and more airports replace their diesel engined GPUs by fully electric, static 400 Hz converters. However, some parking lots of the airport can hardly be equipped with fixed 400 Hz production devices, especially remote aircraft parking positions. The GDP 400 is the solution for such cases. It can be easily brought to the aircraft position and connected to the electrical network of the airport. This mobile converter is available in different powers, and can integrate a 28VDC source. Automatic brakes avoid unwished moves of the trailer when it is not tracted by a vehicle (traction beam is in upper or completely low position). This equipment is particularly useful on tarmacs where ground pits cannot be installed. Position and operation lights on top of the trailer cater for full safety of the equipment itself, of the operators and of the aircraft, as well as of other vehicles moving on the tarmac. Pictures displayed: 120 kVA mobile converter. The trailer is suitable for speeds up to 30 km/h. With a special integrated bumper and a reinforced trailer structure, the trailer is designed and well prepared for the hard use on international strong frequented airports. Connecting the aircraft on the ground

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Mobile Converter Characteristics and options Dimensions: • Height: 1700 mm • Length: 2500 mm • Width: 1530 mm • Total weight: approx. 800 kg(depending on version) Construction: • Metallic coated steel, epoxy painted Pictures displayed: 120 kVA mobile converter. Dimensions of the mobile converter. Drawing represents a trailer with 400 Hz 90 kVA converter and 28 VDC source Dimensions are the same for a trailer with 120 kVA converter alone Connecting the aircraft on the ground Pictures and data are non binding and can be changed by the manufacturer without notice Available versions: • 400 Hz,...

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