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B-pit WITH DIMENSIONS REDUCED TO THE MINIMUM, THE B-PIT PUTS AT DISPOSAL DIRECTLY AT THE AIRCRAFT PARKING POSITION A 400 HZ POWER SUPPLY OR A 50 HZ SOCKET (UP TO 250 A) FOR A PCA GROUP OR ANY OTHER EQUIPMENT REQUIRING A SIGNIFICANT ELECTRIC POWER. Once all cables are connected, the Hatch pit can work in closed position. The manhole (in option), next to the hatch, makes any maintenance fast and without effort. • 400 Hz aircraft cable with aircraft connector • 28 V DC aircraft cable with aircraft connector • Aircraft earthing stud • RJ45 data transfer cables and connectors • Compressed air • Electrical box with one or more 50/60 Hz connectors: • Single- or three-phase • Up to 250 A, three-phase per connector • Additional equipment upon request Pit can work in closed position Hatch frame to be sealed in the concrete and lined frame are independent of each other: • Simplifies installation (sealing of the frame before assembly on site) • Simplifies the maintenance (easy extraction of the elements Fall prevention ensured by the counterplate Load resistance: according to EN 124 class F900 (90 T) CONNECTING THE AIRCRAFT ON THE GROUND Pictures and data are non binding and can be changed by the manufacturer without notice The B-Pits can be associated in parallel in the same concrete pit, for the sup

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B-pit CHARACTERISTICS AND OPTIONS Dimensions on the ground: 700 x 700 mm Useful surface of the plate: 560 x 230 mm Minimum dimensions of the concrete pit: 700x700 mm, depth 1000 mm (depending on the equipment in the pit) Total weight of the mechanism: 200 kg Materials: Structure hot dip galvanized iron, components stainless steel and aluminum, anti-skid plates aluminum Opening assisted by counterweights Options : • Sump pump in the pit • Emergency shut off • On/Off remote control box for the 400 Hz power supply • Switch for working in closed position only • Manhole, ladder and inner...

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