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RMS TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS (RESOURCE MANAGEMENTSYSTEM) TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS is the key to effective planning of airport operations. The system provides improved passenger service levels and more efficient use of airport resources through better planning and the optimum assignment of resources. The management of critical assets is crucial to the maximum effectiveness of airport operations. The TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS system has advanced optimization capabilities, which have been developed in cooperation with academics in the field using extensive mathematical modeling and optimization algorithms,...

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* APPLICABLE OPTIMIZED RESOURCE ALLOCATION TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS offers extensive flexibility and can be configured to implement numerous business rules and processes. The business logic of the system is consistent and reflects phases of the operation process comprehensively. Any rules/constraints (operational, financial or preference-based) with logical combinations and weightings can be defined, thereby enabling users to model a variety of scenarios and business cases to obtain ideal and applicable resource allocation plans. The advanced GUI features of TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS support users...

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* TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS User-configurable GUI •Highly flexible, intuitive graphic interface and customized modeling •Aerial View of operation at apron by timeframe •Customizable reporting capabilities • Informative visual indicators • Easy-to-notice warnings and alerts • Color-coded resources and flights based on rules and configurations

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Substantial reductions in operational costs •Reduces manual work and increases efficiency •Allows airports to maximize the utilization of higher-value resources •Allows for smooth planning and operation with its advanced integration capabilities Intelligent rule-based conflict management and error handling capabilities • Advanced conflict management and intelligent resolution adjustments • Real-time automated scheduling dramatically reduces the number of operational errors •Notifications provide at a glance awareness about required actions and flight changes • Increases service levels...

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WHY TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS? •Flexibility: The system is flexible and can implement numerous business rules and processes for both seasonal and operational planning periods, thereby improving adherence to SLAs. •Consistent Business Logic: The business logic of the system is consistent and can reflect operation phases comprehensively. •Optimized Allocation: An optimization algorithm provides the best-fit solution in accordance with configured rules and weightings, thereby helping airports achieve an efficient use of their resources. •Reliability: The system always runs in synchronization with...

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WHAT TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS USERS SAY “The increasing amount of air traffic makes it harder to achieve operational efficiency at airports. Delays and therefore the cost of operation are continuously increasing for every stakeholder involved in the airport ecosystem. TAV TECHNOLOGIES RMS helps us utilize our resources optimally in this highly constrained environment, and we are succeeding in satisfying our customers and reducing operational costs thanks to the extensive features of the system.

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