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D2000 Series: Muldipol Military Antennas VHF Models Description Our Muldipol line of VHF & UHF dipole antennas have been specifically developed for air traffic control, ground-to-air, ground-air-ground, and naval applications. TACO Antenna’s multiple output antenna design offers the operation of up to three stacked dipoles operating simultaneously within one radome. Reliable  Rugged lightweight construction  Transportable and compact  Long-term life cycle results in cost savings  3 year warranty Reduce Footprint  Multiple outputs  Combination of VHF frequencies  High isolation between antenna elements D2212 Proven Performance  Used by NATO military forces/defence contractors around the world  MIL-STD-810F  Reduced installation time/cost for permanent installations Model D2212 Electrical Test Results ISOLATION UPPER VSWR LOWER VSWR TACO Antenna’s ongoing policy of continuing development may result in specification changes to its products. TELEPHONE United States: 866.975.4433 Canada: 519.756.7157 Europe: (+44)07765.583491 All Other Regions: 717.975.0885 TACO ANTENNA (A division of Wade Antenna, Inc.) 29 Sharp Road, Brantford, Ontario Canada N3T 5L8 www.tacoantenna.com EMAIL United States: sales@tacoantenna.com Canada: cansales@tacoantenna.com Europe: jbarton@tacoantenna.com All Other Regions: sales@t

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VHF Frequency Military Antenna - 2

SPECIFICATIONS Environmental Polarization Vertical Omni Directionality within 1 dB Applied Power 350 W Continuous Connector Type “N” Female Vertical Beam Deviation ±10° (horizon) CLAMP  ID (IN)  LENGTH (IN/ CM) T-TOTAL U-UPPER L-LOWER WEIGHT (LBS/KG) WIND LOAD SPECIFICATIONS MODEL ANTENNA PROJECTED AREA (ft2) BENDING MOMENT (ft-lbs) * Wind Speed = 100MPH ** Wind Speed = 50MPH *** Safety Factor of 1.65 Included Per TIA-329 TACO Antenna can also offer UHF and combined VHF/UHF multiple antenna combinations / options. Please contact us for further details. TACO Antenna’s ongoing...

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