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D2000 Series: Muldipol Military Antennas UHF Models Description Our Muldipol line of UHF dipole antennas have been specifically developed for air traffic control, ground-to-air, ground-air-ground, and naval applications. TACO Antenna’s multiple output antenna design offers the operation of up to four stacked dipoles operating simultaneously within one radome. Reliable  Rugged lightweight construction  Transportable and compact  Long-term life cycle results in cost savings  3 year warranty Reduce Footprint  Multiple outputs  Combination of UHF frequencies  High isolation between antenna elements D2221 Proven Performance  Used by NATO military forces/defence contractors around the world  MIL-STD-810F  Reduced installation time/cost for permanent installations LOWER VSWR UTX/LRX ISOLATION UPPER VSWR LTX/URX ISOLATION Model D2214 Electrical Test Results TACO Antenna’s ongoing policy of continuing development may result in specification changes to its products. TELEPHONE United States: 866.975.4433 Canada: 519.756.7157 Europe: (+44)07765.583491 All Other Regions: 717.975.0885 TACO ANTENNA (A division of Wade Antenna, Inc.) 29 Sharp Road, Brantford, Ontario Canada N3T 5L8 www.tacoantenna.com EMAIL United States: sales@tacoantenna.com Canada: cansales@tacoantenna.com Europe: jbarton@tacoantenna.com All Other Regions: sales@t

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UHF Frequency Military Antenna - 2

SPECIFICATIONS Environmental Polarization Vertical Omni Directionality within 1 dB UHF Applied Power 250 W Continuous Connector Type “N” Female Vertical Beam Deviation ±10° (horizon) NUMBER OF CONNECTORS MODEL LENGTH (IN/CM) WEIGHT (LBS/KG) HPBW (°) CLAMP ID (IN)  WIND LOAD SPECIFICATIONS MODEL ANTENNA PROJECTED AREA (ft2) BENDING MOMENT (ft-lbs) * Wind Speed = 100MPH ** Wind Speed = 50MPH *** Safety Factor of 1.65 Included Per TIA-329 TACO Antenna also offers VHF and combined VHF/UHF multiple antenna combinations / options. Please contact us for further details. TACO Antenna’s...

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