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Pathfinder - 1

UHF Satellite Communications Pathfinder Software Features Based on General Dynamics iFix platform Easy to use interface and user options 1:1 redundancy Remote monitoring (optional) Alarm logging Secure, multiple user logins Motorised Positioner Features Marine Housing (IP67) Mil Spec Connectors Multiple colour options Modular design Fixed or motorised antenna mounts which can but mounted onto masts, towers and roof pedestals. Antenna Features Channel monitoring capabilities High Gain Connect any radio to any antenna Radio agnostic Can connect up to 12 antennas and radios Robust SatCom Sentry 2™ software based on industry standard platform RF Equipped to operate in harsh environments 30° Beamwidth 3 Year Warranty Multiple antenna options for frequency and size Multiple mounting options Matrix Switch Features 50W power handling Up to a 12x12 matrix available Low Loss Pathfinder is SystemWare Europe’s Tactical UHF Hub system. Successfully deployed around the world, the system allows the user to have maximum flexibility and reliability with premium after sales service and through life support. Pathfinder is a modular system which is tailored to the customers need from multiple motorised antennas to single thread, manual systems. Utilising cost effective but highly efficient equipment allowing us to offer high performance coupled with scalability and affordability. Controlled remotely or from the front panel Modular internal design allowing for easy to swap modules and convenient

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Pathfinder - 2

Antenna (details antenna dependant) Frequency Range: 240-320MHz Antenna Gain: 16dBi Antenna Beam-width: 30° Length: 3937mm Max I/P Power: 500W Max VSWR: 1.5 Connectors: N-Type Operations Temperature: -40 to 70°C Matrix Switch Frequency Range: 240-380MHz Max No. Radios: 12 Max No. Antennas: 12 Power Handling: 50W per Channel Insertion Loss: <1.5dBm Connectors: N-Type Impedance: 50Q Nominal Communication: RS-232 Operations Temperature: 0 to 50°C Carrier Monitoring Unit Frequency Range: 200-350MHz Max No. Radios: 12 Max No. Antennas: 12 TECHNICAL DETAILS FWD Sa mple Att: -30dBm REV Sample Att:...

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