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RL-71SX LONG RANGE SURVEILLANCE RADAR OVERVIEW The RL-71SX radar is S-Band Long Range Airport Surveillance Solid State Radar designed for air traffic control far beyond the airport area. Its dual beam antenna enables perfect covering of tracked area with effective ground clutter suppression. The solid state transmitter technology ensures substantial increase of radar reliability. Integration of MSSR module with secondary antenna enables radar covering up to 450 km. Radar‘s modular structure allows respecting of Customer requirement. SYSTEM DESCRIPTION Excellent Operational and Technical Performance The RL-71SX is fast and easy to install and its sophisticated human-machine interface is carefully arranged to reduce fatigue in the highstress controller environment. The RL-71SX achieves the excellent target detection and tracking even in severe adverse environments such as heavy rain. High stability of solid state transmitter and advanced digital processing including Moving Target Detection (MTD) and mapping ensure the adaptation to the changing weather environment. Solid State Transmitter Structure • • • 8 (16) solid state amplifying modules semiconductor technology LD MOS with high reliability 1 200 W per module PICTURE FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY Used Advanced Technology . The RL-71SX achieves its outstanding capabilities through integration of advanced technology into all parts of radar system. Applied solid state transmitter technique ensures high stability of basic system parameters. Commercial off-the shelf (COTS) processors and power supplies of industrial performance ensure low cost and high reliability implementations. The secondary antenna in open Interrogator Interrogator Module Interrogator module is placed in the assembly of secondary antenna and operates in all MkXII modes together with ability to operate in Mode S too. Its output power is programmable from 200 to 1300 Watt having ability to adjust output power appropriate to requested MSSR operation range. NonNon-stop Operation and Low Support Cost Signal Processor The RL-71SX modular, open architecture achieves availability and reliability superior to any other fixbased radar system. Incorporated redundancies provide fail-soft protection. Very low support costs are inherent through extensive built-in test. Reduce deployed maintenance costs are a direct result of designed-in fail-safe / fail-soft operation requiring scheduled periodic maintenance only. T-CZ a.s., Na Strži 241/28, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic

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Radar Signal Processing Signal processing is executed through doubled Signal Processor Unit of AMTI type. Its sophisticated structure ensured substantial suppression of unwanted clutter. Its applicated structure makes possible to adjust different suppression ratio in selected range and azimuth areas. HighVersatile High-Resolution Multimode Color Displays The RL-71SX includes two (or optionally more) universal display systems integrated into the operator stands that controllers can individually assign according to present traffic needs. The SRE display provides the surveillance situation in...

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