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VHF/UHF ANTENNAS & COMBINERS Our engineering personnel have an extensive experience in research, development and design of various types on antennas in frequency band VHF/UHF (27 - 1000 MHz). T-CZ , as a succession company of former state enterprise TESLA , assumed, improved and extended a product line of the antennas. Special mobile and base station broadband antennas Various types of high power broadband mobile antennas (conical monopoles) for frequency range 100 - 500MHz. Typical application for jamming systems or broadband communication. Two types of high power Log-periodic antennas for VHF/UHF frequency band, transportable design. Wideband biconical antenna for air-band communication 100 - 400MHz T-CZ VHF/UHF antenna measurement services ? Open air antenna measurement (over real ground area) ? Input impedance or isolation up to 6GHz, radiation pattern H/E plane in frequency band 25 - 1000MHz. ? Pattern measurement of mobile antennas on vehicle. ? Car radio antenna complex measurement

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Portable antennas Helical antennas for 80 - 450MHz frequency bands, various connector types. Train antennas Three product types train antennas in frequency bands 160 / 450 / GSM-R. Voltage protection and grounding connection, designed for extreme environmental conditions. Mobile antennas Wide area of whip antennas for mobile communication in frequency bands 27 - 960MHz. Various design groups including gain antennas. Base type, cable length and connector options. Fixed or Magnet mount option for most types. Base station antennas Comprehensive offer of base antennas for 80 - 450MHz....

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