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SZIC Catalogue

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amenity kits SZIC industrial Company is an international market leader in in-flight Interior applications for global airlines and provides a signal source of design, development and manufacturing. Our hospitality amenities are specially designed in various budgets and styles to fit our customers’ unique needs. The wide range of products, are produced onsite at our manufacturing facilities and represent the latest advances in innovative amenity solutions, pushing the boundaries of Creativity. Our luxurious amenity kits are produced in partnerships with the best lifestyle brands and...

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wafFir SSS&S&m •ooamf SHAMPOOING SHAMPOO AMN-488-103 Hermes Paris Cosmetics Tuscan soui. Hond Cr*om Moisturizer ^SCAN soul Croon, AMN - 417 - 530 Carton Earplug Cover AMN - 417 - 512 Plastic Earplug Cover AMN - 417 - 531 Plastic Earplug Cover

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AMN - 417 - 503 Foldable Comb & Brush AMN - 417 - 513 Shoe horn AMN-417-537 Razor AMN - 417 - 532 Slippers AMN - 417 - 533 Neck Pillow

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galley equipment GAL - 167 - 202 Atlas full size trolley w/o ice drawer GAL - 167 - 201 Atlas full size trolley with ice drawer For over twenty years SZIC Industrial Company has been a key player in the galley interior sector, offering the world’s leading airlines and railway operators, innovative solutions for their catering needs. SZIC is a direct manufacture of galley and inserts equipment and can manufacture a wide range of galley modules, such as Atlas, KSSU or any custom designed trolley, in order to meet the customer’s unique catering needs at competitive prices. Galleys and...

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carts GAL - 167 - 204 Atlas halfsize trolley w/o ice drawer GAL - 167 - 203 Atlas halfsize trolley with ice drawer GAL - 177 - 201 Atlas full size duty free cart GAL - 174 - 202 Atlas halfsize dustbin cart GAL - 183 - 201 Newspaper cart GAL - 174 - 201 Atlas full size dustbin cart

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containers & oven skids GAL - 185 - 202 KSSU Oven insert GAL - 185 - 201 Atlas Oven Insert

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GAL - 187 - 205 KSSU Aluminum Drawer GAL - 187 - 204 Atlas Aluminum Drawer drawers & waste box GAL - 672 - 201 Waste Box GAL - 187 - 206 Atlas Aluminum Lightweight Drawer

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ELC-217-614 Noise Cancelation Headphones SZIC Industrial Company uses the latest state-of-the-art technology and equipment to design and manufacture a wide range of headphone models, built for Comfort and Convenience. The headphones feature great sound quality and a unique style. They are incredibly lightweight, easy to carry and can be fitted with an extendable cord, which makes them ideal for travelling. Models are compatible with MP3, CD, DVD and in-flight entertainment systems, as well as all Apple™ products. Get the most out of the on-board listing experience with a verity of models....

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ELC - 216 - 608 Non-Woven Headphone Cover

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J* SZIC Industrial Company is a signal source of design, development and manufacturing, transforming in-flight entertainment for children and redefining their travel experience. The designs in this category represent the latest innovation in children's in-flight fun, and are specifically tailored to air travels' youngest audience. They are intended to transform the junior jet sets travel experience into an unforgettable adventure, captivate them and keep them in their seats. gentle core

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Selarn! ^ T TIJ T>1 E1S Gao IwKI Selam! Sveikl Bon jour Hoia r£1Q0QC ‘*,utlz.kfctjli 0'^ Diaduit Te'e Haiio Te« Hello! "m Vlerhaba Pozdrav Wltaj Dobryden Buna ZiU3 Tere „ , anenTag 3«pMt™yi™ Salve iflpaso Salve ^ Dobryden

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hajj & umre Over the last 30 years SZIC Group has been conducting its business as a “One Stop Shop” for all cabin & crew inflight products. SZIC Group supplies airline companies worldwide with a comprehensive product range, and has developed an advanced, high efficiency production system, resulting in consistent, affordable, high quality solutions for all your aircraft interior needs.

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paper & non woven PNW - 631 - 302 Pillow Cover For over twenty years SZIC Industrial Company has been developing low cost, high efficiency production systems resulting in consistent, affordable, high quality solutions for all your aircraft interior needs. Our line of non-woven products are 100 % SBPP, they passed the FAR 25.853 test, and are flame retardant. Products 100 % recycles, re-usable, eco –friendly, water repellant and oil absorbent. The print, shape, color, scent, size and weight can all be customized to match your brand identity and change the appearance of a cabin interior or...

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PNW - 627 - 302 Antislip 1/2 Size Tray Paper PNW - 627 - 304 Antislip Coctail Tray Paper PNW - 627 - 301 Antislip 1/1 size tray paper PNW - 675 - 302 Airlaid Full Size Trolley Cover PNW - 675 - 304 Airlaid Table Cloth PNW - 675 - 303 Airlaid Hald Size Trolley Cover PNW - 600 - 303 Perforated Airsicknes Bag Without Base PNW - 600 - 304 Airsickness Bag With Base and Clip PNW - 600 - 302 Airsickness Bag With t Lock PNW - 600 - 302 Perforated Airsickness Bag With Base

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rotable meal service items SZIC Industrial Company designs and develops the finest meal service items to match airline’s delicious menus and refreshments in economy, business or first class. Together with our OEM partners we manufacture meal service items to your unique aircraft interior needs. Whether you are a global, small or medium sized airline, we supply a full range of luxury ceramics, glassware, stainless steel cutlery and drinking accessories, as well as elegant plastic rotables meal service items. RMS - 579 - 003 Stainless Steel Cutlery RMS - 579 - 004 Stainless Steel Cutlery RMS...

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RMS - 546 - 006 Porcelain Main plate RMS - 546 - 008 Porcelain Triangular Side Dish RMS - 546 - 009 Square Side Dish RMS - 546 - 010 Square Main Dish RMS - 546 - 005 Porcelain Meal Service Set

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RMS - 566 - 001 Acrylic Salt & Pepper RMS - 588 - 005 Ice Tong RMS - 566 - 007 Porcelain Salt & Pepper RMS - 588 - 007 Breadtong RMS - 566 - 006 Salt & Pepper Shaker

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