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AV72-RF - 1

AV72-RF Radio Controlled Solar Aviation Light with Tactical IR Mode & 128bit Encryption 2.4Ghz worldwide accepted radio control 128bit encryption security AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR compatible using IR LEDs NGV capacity replaceable High battery pack Dual internal high-performance solar modules Made from tough, durable LEXAN® polycarbonate Internal RF module & antenna internal solar panels for Dual enhanced charging Typical Applications Encrypted 2.4GHz radio control LED aviation lens with 0 to +7° vertical divergence Tough UV-stabilised LEXAN® polycarbonate lens and light base • Solar Airstrip Light • Solar Barricade Light • Solar Taxiway Light (ICAO) • Solar Threshold Light The AV72-RF is a self-contained solar powered omni-directional aviation light with tactical IR mode, 128bit encryption and encrypted 2.4 GHz radio control. The AV72-RF solar powered LED light has an internal RF module and antenna to receive encrypted command messages from the handheld radio controller. Annex 14 Volume 1, ICAO ‘Aerodrome Design and Operations’, Forth edition July 2004, paragraph The units provide NVG compatible visible and infrared LED outputs for portable, permanent or sustained operations. Lights can be controlled from a secure world-wide compatible 2.4 GHz RF link from the ATC tower from the aircraft (via ALSCU with an encrypted VHF radio link) or set for dusk-dawn automatic operation. AC5345-46D L861T FAA (High Intensity Mode) Lights can be assigned to a light group (up to 16 distinct groups) to allow individual AC5345-50B L863 FAA (High Intensity Mode) CASA of Standards Part Manual 139 paragraph and Section (High Intensity Mode) or for multi faceted covert and overt operations. The AV72-RF has 3 radio-controlled intensity settings, and can be set from dusk-till-dawn, medium intensity, or temporary-high mode for tactical operations. When set to temporary-high the light complies with L861T photometrics. including low maintenance and no underground cabling. The unit has twin high-performance solar modules mounted within the lens, which maximize solar collection and provide reliable operation in a range of environmental conditions. The model will operate maintenance-free for many years, and has been tried and tested in some of the world’s most demanding regions including Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Australian Outback. Unit 71.5 Dunsfold Park, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8TB, United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1483 267 066 Fax: +44 (0)1483 267 044 Email: sales@systemsin

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AV72-RF - 2

SPECIFICATIONS • Light Characteristics Light Source Available colors Peak Intensity (cd)f 12 visible ultra-high intensity LEDs and 6 infrared LEDs Red, Green, White, Yellow, Amber, Blue, Sectored Combinations Steady-on: Blue - 2.8 Red - 6.8 Green - 9.0 White - 7.0 Yellow - 6.5 Flashing: Blue - 5.5 Red - 18.2 Green - 21.9 White - 19.1 Yellow - 15.1 Horizontal Output (degrees) Vertical Divergence (degrees) Reflector Type Available Flash Characteristics Intensity Adjustments LED Life Expectancy (hours) Electrical Characteristics 360 0 to +7 Omnidirectional 360° LED Reflector (US Pat. No....

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