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User’s manual Harness SUP’AIR - VLD 34 rue Adrastée Parc Altaïs 74650 Annecy - Chavanod FRANCE 45°54.024’N / 06°0

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Harness User’s manual Thank you for choosing the RADICAL3. We are glad to be able to share our common paragliding passion with you. SUP’AIR has been designing, producing and selling free flying equipment since 1984. By choosing a SUP’AIR product you benefit from almost thirty years of expertise, innovation and listening. Our mission statement: research and develop to constantly enhance our product line. We hope you will find this user’s manual comprehensive, explicit and hopefully enjoyable as well. We advise you to read it carefully. You will find the lastest udated information about this...

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Harness User’s manual Introduction Technical specifications. Size choice Components list Equipment overview Accessories assembly. Carabiners Speed-bar system AirBag/Backpack 11 Safe-T kit 13 Installing the reserve parachute. Necessary gear Connection Harness-risers Reserve parachute-harness connection Installing the front reserve parachute Adjustments The various adjustments Adjusting the harness Wing/harness connection Gear packing and tips Inflight behavior Flight phases Pre-Flight check Takeoff In flight Speed-bar use Landing Using the reserve parachute Towing Mandatory thorough checkup...

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Harness User’s manual Welcome to the paragliding world according to SUPAIR; a world of shared passion. The RADICAL3 was designed for pilots coming out of school or in progression. It brings comfort and peace of mind to pilots experiencing their first XC ( Cross-Country ) flights to discover new horizons ! The well though out design and choice of materials were guided by the same quality and longevity objectives. The harness RADICAL3 harness was certified EN 1651 : 1999 The harness RADICAL3 + RADICAL3 Reversible backpack airbag was certified EN 1651 : 1999 and LTF* 91/09 * The RADICAL-3 LTF...

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Harness User’s manual Technical specifications Harness size Backrest tilt adjustments. Seat depth. Seat width Hooking point height. Backrest height. Length between the hooking points. Pilot weight (mini - maxi) Harness weight (+carabiners+speedbar) (g) paragliding only Hooking point height. (cm) Length between the hooking points. (cm) Impact damping system: Airbag Impact damping system: Bumpair RADICAL3 harness certification RADICAL3 harness certification + AirBag/Backpack Backrest tilt adjustments (cm) Tandem (Pilot or Passenger) Acrobatic flying

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Harness User’s manual Size choice Choosing the right harness size is important. You will find below a height/weight chart to help you with your size choice. With its hammock architecture and reclined flying posture, we advise you to try out the harness during a hang-test first at one of our retailers location to choose the correct size. For a complete list of our retailers list click here : www.supair.com

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Harness User’s manual Removable storage pocket Options 4 Reversible AirBag/Backpack 5 Light double stage accelerator/speed-bar (réf. ACCELSOUPLELIGHT)

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Harness User’s manual Harness overview Chest strap with buckles. Paragliding main hooking points. Reserve parachute hooking points. Chest strap adjustment. Speed-bar grommets. Backrest tilt adjustment. Back storage pocket. Shoulder straps adjustments.

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Harness User’s manual Accessories assembly 1. Carabiners.

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RADICAL 3 - 10

Harness User’s manual Accessories assembly 2. Speed-bar system. LIGHT double stage speed-bar/accelerator. Ref. : ACCELSOUPLELIGHT >> Speed-bar assembly Regarding either side of the harness: 1. Push the speed-bar line through the grommet 1 located at the front of the seat. 2. Push the speed-bar line through the grommet located on the lateral skirt of the harness. 2 5. Finally, attach a cimped hook to the cord before connecting it to the glider’s speed-bar/accelerator. 6. Simulate the speed-bar/accelerator’s functionality by sliding the cord back and forth. 2 Caution ! If you have a front...

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RADICAL 3 - 11

Harness User’s manual Accessories assembly >> Removing the dorsal pocket 3. Optional AirBag/Backpack 1 Unfasten the lateral Zippers located on each side of the pocket 2 Unfasten the Velcro located at the back of the harness B B 3 Unfasten the Velcro located under the seat >> Layout the harness flat, with the seating and torso area facing the ground A

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RADICAL 3 - 12

Harness User’s manual Accessories assembly 3. AirBag/Backpack ( Option ) continued >> Connect the AirBag/Backpack, AirBag side to the harness 1 Fasten the Zippers on each side 2 Fasten the upper Velcro 3 Fasten the lower Velcro 4 Fasten the front of the AirBag using the connection straps by pushing the rectangular buckles through the D metal rings

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RADICAL 3 - 13

Harness User’s manual Mise en place des accessoires For practical reasons, the RADICAL-3 was designed without a Safety-T strap. If you wish to have one, or have a harness meeting the LTF certification standard requirements, you must install this kit. It enables one of the leg straps to be permanently closed, hence preventing the risk of taking off in a unfastened harness. This kit includes : 1. Open the chosen leg strap, and slide 2. Close the leg strap. - A neoprene sleeve. the neoprene sleeve. - A small strap. 3. Use the strap to lock the buckle : Insert the strap through the buckle and...

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RADICAL 3 - 14

Harness User’s manual Installing the reserve parachute Thank you for reading the following carefully ! We recommend for the initial rescue parachute assembly and installation to be made by a qualified professional. Reserve parachute folding and installation inside the harness must conform to the specific guidelines found in this manual. >> Needed gear to install the reserve parachute A Independent Dyneema® risers Front reserve parachute container with handle Reserve parachute packed in its POD ( according to the manufacturer’s recommendations ) Single reserve parachute handle Square 7mm...

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