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TX200 - 1

FAST MOVING TECHNOLOGY Staubu FAST MOVING TECHNOLOGY Staubu 6 axis industrial robots

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TX200 - 3

A unique 4 axis and 6 axis robot range for all applications Whenever industrial companies need speed, repeatability and reliability, Staubli robots provide the most appropriate answer. To satisfy its customers, Staubli Robotics has developed specific solutions, meeting the needs of all industries: electronics, medical, automotive, food, plastics, mechanical or painting. Designed to work in the most hostile environments, but also to meet stringent cleanroom requirements, Staubli robots demonstrate their efficiency in all circumstances. With performance always in mind.

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TX200 - 4

Reliability, flexibility, performance TX200 6-axis industrial robots features an kg and it is adapted to handle various of cell workspace. The enclosed structure articulated arm for extraordinary dexterity applications in many industrial sectors. of the arm allows the work in sensitive and flexibility. This range of robots is designed to heavy payload up to 150 work envelope allows maximum utilization

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TX200 - 5

High precision, long life time and reduced maintenance JCS gearbox designed by Stäubli Optimum use of the work area Less floorspace needed, large work envelope Work in difficult environments Vertical cable outlet, complete protection of connections The added values of Stäubli robot arms Eliminating complex cable management Optimum cleanliness, arm motion free- onnections directly on the robot forearm C thanks electrical I/O and Ethernet cable All cables and pipes routed through the arm removing obstacles from the work Precise trajectory performance ncreased part quality I educed rework...

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TX200 - 6

MARKET SPECIFIC VERSIONS ESD (ElectroStatic Discharge) version Version environnement humide (HE) Plastics - Euromap 12/67 and SPI interface NSF H1 Food graded oil

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TX200 - 7

Mounting (not for vertical cable outlet option) A-A 8 washers grade A hardness class 200HV 8 screws M24*100 class 8.8 Tightening torque = 650 N.m mini Opening to be left : - Passage for connections - Access for maintenance

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TX200 - 8

Global presence of the Stäubli Group www.staubli.com Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 10/2017. V1. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. robot.mkg@staubli.com | Photos : Stäubli - Semapho

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