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TX2 robot range Robotics | Experts in Man and Machine

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STÄUBLI VISION Robots work efficiently with humans Today, the collaboration between man side humans. But what exactly is that place? over operations, and adding value to human and machine is making headway. And what is the vision behind their work? work within companies, no matter their size The benefits of robots in industry are no Humans and robots must work together like or business—that is Stäubli’s philosophy. longer in doubt: every year, robots join new a team and not like competitors. Robots sectors, and their “population” is growing should work for the benefit of humans, to spare us...

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TX2-60L - 3

Smart design Integration flexibility, modular and scalable TX2 robotic arm • Hygienic encapsulated 6-axis arm enabled by hollow shaft gearbox, no external cables TX2 robotic arm • Flexible and scalable integration: 360° mounting possibility from TX2-40 to • Compatible with all environments, from harsh and dirty to sterile • Protection and additional installation options available • Floor and ceiling mounting possibility for TX2-160 and TX2-160L robots • IP65 for the entire arm with pressurization kit • Large and efficient spherical working range • Elegant and innovative design •...

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TX2-60L - 4

High performance kinematics Even in the sensitive environments Perfectly adapted to sensitive environments • Standard version designed for harsh operations Pioneer with over 30 years of experience in • HE: hygienic and humid environments sensitive environments. • Stericlean: aseptic • SCR: Super Cleanroom • ESD: electronics compliant • Over 125 years of experience in fast moving technology • Light and rigid structure • Patented JCS smart gearbox specially designed for compact robots: - igh dynamics, agility and path precision also due to higher drive h frequency - ncapsulated in oil bath,...

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TX2-60L - 5

Fully connected to the production world Production performers and collaborative experts Stäubli TX2 robots work both for, and with, people. They are the fastest and Factory floor safest industrial robots to bring you a more secured payback. The TX2 arm and its CS9 controller make high productivity and collaboration possible thanks to a unique set of modular SIL3-PLe safety Connectivity to the smart production Connectivity to gripper and parts to be manufactured • Compatibility with production devices and ERP Unique and modular SIL3-PLe safety functionalities. High productivity AND...

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TX2-60L - 6

TX2 ROBOT RANGE AND CONTROL UNIT Consistent reliability for secured payback Main characteristics Lowest startup and maintenance requirements • Ready to move concept • No battery in the arm or in the controller for a minimum of required maintenance as well as no position recovery effort • All subcomponents easily accessible and exchangeable • Patented components, such as the JCS smart gearbox, with higher lifetime and lower maintenance issues Load capacity Reach (between axis 1 and 6) Number of degrees of freedom • Lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment Multiple...

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TX2-60L - 7

Stäubli Units Global presence of the Stäubli Group www.staubli.com Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 02/2021. v10. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. robot.mkg@staubli.com | Photos : Stäubli - Se

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