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TS2 robot range Robotics | Experts in Man and Machine

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STÄUBLI VISION Design, performance and connectivity redefined Stäubli is entering a new performance class has a revolutionary encapsulated design an identical footprint for high modularity with its TS2 SCARA series. The completely which opens up new possibilities for use and optimized development times, as well redesigned 4-axis machine with proprietary JCS drive technology facilitates ultra-short SCARA series share the same structural cycle times and high repeatability. It also segments as the 6-axis TX2 robots, offering TS2 robots and CS9 controller main benefits Integration flexibility...

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TS2-40 - 3

Smart design Integration flexibility, modular and scalable TS2 Robotic arm • Encapsulated 4-axis arm enabled by hollow shaft gearbox, no external cables • IP65 for the entire arm with optional ball screw cover and bellows • Versions available even for sensitive environments, from harsh and dirty to sterile • Protection and additional installation options available • Elegant and innovative design • Unique cylindrical envelope and small footprint • Custom colors possible for your CI requirements • Axis 1 working range: ± 180° • Easy service access to components • High dexterity in small...

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TS2-40 - 4

High performance kinematics Even in the sensitive environments Perfectly adapted to sensitive environments • Standard version designed for harsh operations Pioneer with over 30 years of experience in • HE: hygienic and humid environments sensitive environments. • Stericlean: aseptic • SCR: Super Cleanroom • ESD: electronics compliant TS2 robotic arm kinematics • Over 125 years of experience in fast moving technology • Light and rigid structure • Modular: same components as TX2 6-axis robots • Patented JCS smart gearbox on axis 1 and 2 designed for compact robots: - igh dynamics, agility and...

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TS2-40 - 5

Fully connected to the production world Factory floor Safety Devices Connectivity to the smart production Connectivity to gripper and parts to be manufactured • Compatibility with production devices and ERP • Integrated tool changer available (optional) allows automatic - • Main standardized communication protocols supported, including real time Ethernet, available and configurable via a unique software suite manual usage of various tools • Encapsulated Ethernet Cat5e for multi-gripper, camera and sensors • Web server embedded in CS9 controller • Direct tubing for additional valves or...

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TS2-40 - 6

Consistent reliability for secured payback TS2 ROBOT RANGE AND CONTROL UNIT Main characteristics Lowest startup and maintenance requirements • Lower total cost of ownership and faster return on investment • Ready to move concept • No battery in the arm or in the controller for a minimum of needed required maintenance as well as no position recovery effort • All subcomponents easily accessible and exchangeable • Patented components, such as the JCS smart gearbox, with higher lifetime and lower maintenance issues Reach (between axis 1 and 4) Number of degrees of freedom Load capacity...

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TS2-40 - 7

Stäubli Units Global presence of the Stäubli Group www.staubli.com Staubli is a trademark of Stäubli International AG, registered in Switzerland and other countries. © Stäubli 04/2021. V11. We reserve the right to modify product specifications without prior notice. robot.mkg@staubli.com | Photos : Stäubli - Se

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