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Flexible Cargo Container for aircrafts ( for double seats and triple seats ) Purpose: The Flexible Cargo Container is used for transport of mail and other small cargo in the passenger cabin of aircrafts . Installing the container is possible for double and triple passenger seats in all aircraft types of Airbus and Boeing and similar seat types. Design: Conforming to the shape of the passenger seats. The heat rest pockets located forward and aft of the container will be slipped over the head rests of the seats and hold the container in position while loading and unloading as well as during the flight ( see fig. 1 ). By installing one container behind the other, the front head rest pocket is always slipped over the rear pocket of the proceeding container. The installed Cargo Container can by loaded with cargo, e. g post containers as shown in fig. 2. The Cargo Container is equipped with special padding material at the necessary positions to protect the aircraft interior and passengers seats against damages. Material: All materials are flame resistant to FAR 25.853 (b-2), fabric and straps from both sides. Loading of Cargo Container Strength: The Strength of the Cargo Container is adequate to secure a maximum gross weight of 225 kg for triple seat and 150 kg for double seat by reacting all ultimate loads which occur in the passenger cabin. Maximum possible multiple load is: forward Certificates: Installed Cargo Container SPEKON Sächsische Spezialkonfektion GmbH Nordstraße 40 By German Aviation Authority (LBA- Luftfahrt Bundesamt) under No. 11.400/1 TS

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