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NEW GENERATION The sealed quick jaw change manual chuck >> ALL EXISTING TOP JAWS CAN BE USED Minimized set up times due to the quick jaw change system Highest accuracy of the jaw change Universal Case hardened parts Wedge bar drive Jaw safety interlock Ideal for vertical mounting of chuck Sealed wedge bars and base jaws Optimized lubrication in the jaw guides Low maintenance Example: Maintenance costs at high accumulation of dirt / coolant Lubrication interval Required time for lubricating Working days / year Required time / year Machine costs / hour Total costs / year Profit / year * at 1-shift operation at 2-shift operation at 3-shift operation * Additionally the profit is increased by reducing the down time of the machine, as the 2G-chucks also ne

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Clamping glossary HG-2G: Evolution of the quick jaw change power chuck HG-N. The HG-2G features additional seals and an improved lubrication system for low maintenance. The chuck still offers all the same advantages as the HG-N. The proven wedge bar drive guaranties unmatched accuracy and rigidity. A low loss of grip force due to centrifugal force makes the chuck ideal for high speed applications. Sealing: The HG-2G is sealed by seals attached to both faces of the base jaws. Also the wedge bars are protected by mechanical seals. The seals protect the chuck against penetration of dirt and...

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HG-2G_EN - 3

QUICK JAW CHANGE Jaw system original SMW Main dimensions and technical data Jaw position: open position for external clamping Subject to technical changes. For more detailed information please ask our customer service. SMW-AUTOBLOK Type HG-2G Mounting Base jaw tooth pitch Max. total gripping force H7 Thread / thread depth At max. torque Md Speed Weight without jaws Moment of inertia Further sizes on request.

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HG-2G_EN - 4

QUICK JAW CHANGE Jaw system original SMW Ordering review Chuck with center mounting DIN 6350 Chuck with ISO-A mounting DIN 55026 Chuck with bayonet mounting DIN 55027 Type C Chuck with Camlock mounting DIN 55029 Type S Parts included: Fixing elements (screws resp. studs resp. camlock bolts). Further sizes on request.

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HG-2G_EN - 5

QUICK JAW CHANGE Chuck GBK-2G Hardened base jaws * Dimension incl. seals, cover and screws WAKS Wide soft top jaws Seal Kit for hardened base jaws GBK-2G Consisting of seals (6 pcs.) and mounting screws (12 pcs.) Mounting Kit for hardened base jaws GBK-2G Consisting of seals (6 pcs.), covers (6 pcs.) and mounting screws (12 pcs.) Existing master jaws still can be used without seals. A small modification made to the master jaws and a mounting kit can upgrade existing master jaws to become 2G master jaws (instruction for the rework on request). JAWS-CATALOG Request or download:...

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HG-2G_EN - 6

QUICK JAW CHANGE Chuck Hardened reversible stepped top jaws T H Clamping ranges Base jaw position ”o“ "o" JAWS-CATALOG Request or download: www.smw-autoblok.de Important for maintenance and safe operation, to be ordered with the chuck Grease K05® Special grease for manual and power chucks Cartridge 14 Oz. (DIN 1284) Grease content 500 g Id. No. 016440 Grease gun Grease gun (DIN 1283) for cartridges 14 Oz. (DIN 1284) ■ Also refillable from grease can 1000 g High adhesion High resistance against coolant High load bearing capacity High gripping force Low friction coefficient Avoids...

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