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smiths interconnect bringing technology to life SemiconductorTest Capabilities

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About Us Smiths Interconnect is a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products that connect, protect and control critical applications in the commercial aviation, defence, space, medical, rail, semiconductor test and industrial markets. Smiths Interconnect provides test socket and probe card solutions that ensure superior quality and reliability in IC testing applications. Our extensive product portfolio accommodates devices with the finest micron pitches as well as those with very high bandwidth requirements. Our...

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^ EMC High Reliability RF/Microwave Resistive & Signal Distribution Components Board-level components incorporating advanced resistive and signal distribution technologies for a broad range of frequency spectrum and applications. Extensive portfolio of RF devices used to attenuate, level or terminate signals available in a variety of packages and footprints. HYPERTAC High Performance Electrical Connectors for the Most Demanding Applications Premium interconnect solutions for electrical and electronic applications requiring superior quality, performance and reliability. Hypertac...

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Area Array Test Package on Package Test ■■ GPU ■■ CPU ■■ Artificial Intelligence ■■ Deep Learning ■■ High-speed Memory ■■ Analog RF Smiths Interconnect Semiconductor Test Capabilities ■■ Smart Phone CPU ■■ Wearable Technology ■

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Providing A Competitive Advantage Proliferation of data devices and the growth of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and big data is resulting in complex systems and new materials that require rigorous, efficient validation. Smiths Interconnect’s test sockets and probe card solutions ensure superior quality and reliability in the semiconductor test applications. Our best-in-class engineering, development and technical expertise ensure support of automated, system level and development test platforms for area array, peripheral, wafer level and Package on Package (PoP) devices as well...

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Area Array Test Quality and Reliability Smiths Interconnect area array test products support high pin count and high speed signal applications. Our design structure ensures low power inductance, high current carrying capacity and low contact resistance embedding quality and reliability in testing of GPUs, CPUs and other high speed digital applications. Smiths Interconnect Semiconductor Test Capabilities Top: Smiths Interconnect’s test solutions are an enabling technology for high speed area array test. Key Benefits ■■ Easily configurable ■■ Field maintainable ■■ Entire signal path shielded...

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Array Test Socket ■■ Innovative design with a wide range of material options ■■ Proprietary engineered plastic body for larger size BGA / LGA test ■■ Precision alignment calculation ■■ Replaceable floating or fixed device alignment guide feature ■■ Z-axis tolerance stacking analysis ■■ FEA analysis ■■ Customization and design flexibility DaVinci – High Speed Test Socket ■■ High performance coaxial socket ■■ Proprietary insulated metal socket ■■ Spring probe simplicity ■■ Entire signal path shielded ■■ Insensitive to temperature changes and humidity ■■ Extreme rigidity (very low deflection...

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Package on Package Test Top: Smiths Interconnect’s PoP test solutions are used in smart phone CPUs and portable devices. Best-in-class Design Smiths Interconnect’s advanced, low profile contact technology enhanced by best-in-class design, engineering and test development practices provide customers with a competitive edge in testing Package on Package (PoP) devices used in smart phone CPUs and wearable technology. The unique ability of our PoP test sockets to accurately and simultaneously align both the upper and lower device pads increases fault coverage and reduces the cost of test. Key...

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Products Euclid PoP Test Socket ■ Memory-bearing, memory-less and manual sockets ■ Advanced alignment features for both top and bottom devices ■ Refined analysis tools ensure production-ready solutions ■ Controlled impedance available for maximum signal integrity ■ Features optional coaxial interposer for memory-less test ■ RF simulation used to determine appropriate signal integrity solution ■ 6 Gbps options available ■ Tester or socket supplies memory function during test through topside attach features ■ Solutions are valid in both manual and automated test environments Silmat® PoP Test...

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Peripheral Package Test Top: Smiths Interconnect’s technology is widely used to test peripheral ICs found in wireless communications, automotive and industrial applications. Consistently Stable Smiths Interconnect’s innovative test sockets offer significant advantages in testing peripheral ICs for automotive and industrial applications. Our peripheral test solutions utilize vertical spring probe technology to provide consistently low and stable contact resistance with minimal cleaning and extended mechanical life. Smiths Interconnect Semiconductor Test Capabilities Key Benefits ■■ Product...

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Celsius Peripheral IC Package Test Socket ■ Wiping action ensures good device contact with minimal board side scrub ■ Requires minimal cleaning ■ Patented technology ■ Suited for tri-temp peripheral testing ■ Resistance < 20 m ■ Bandwidth > 10 GHz @ -1 dB ■ Temperature rated: -50°C to 175°C Gutenberg Peripheral Lead Frame Test Socket ■ Excellent co-planarity ■ High suitability to auto cleaning ■ High reliability ■ Mendeleev contact technology available ■ Minimised overdrive and simplified bring-up ■ Analysis of thermal, alignment and pin travel ■ Capable of high parallelism Peripheral IC...

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Wafer Level Test Ensuring Product Performance As phones and smart devices get more powerful, so do the integrated chips that support them. Smiths Interconnect’s innovative wafer level package test solutions help customers deliver higher quality products by ensuring the chips in them perform as they should. Smiths Interconnect Semiconductor Test Capabilities Top: Smiths Interconnect offers advanced technology in wafer level package testing. Key Benefits ■■ Reliable RF signal integrity ■■ Excellent compliance and contact force ■■ Easy maintenance ■■ Qui

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