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ADVANCED METALS Supply contracts Guaranteed stock SMI Smiths Advanced Metals are experts in providing complete supply solutions that are tailored to a customer’s unique requirements. We offer a complete range of supply services through to full "Supplier Managed Inventory" (SMI). Savings Supply flexibility and versatility are two of the keys to ultimate customer satisfaction, often resulting in significant savings for the customer. Some potential benefits include: 1. Space savings at your premises. 2. Reduced stock finance costs. 3. Reduced stores and processing costs. 4. J.I.T. delivery of cut pieces to machine side. 5. Bespoke packaging. 6. Bespoke labelling. 7. Technical back up through our own UKAS Accredited Material Testing Laboratory and metallurgists. Continuity of Supply Many items can only be efficiently stocked against known customer demand. We use complex planning algorithms to predict demand and ensure we have enough material in stock (and on order with our suppliers) to cover most eventualities. We also use customer usage predictions to further improve stock cover. Some customers have unique material requirements. These can either be unique special alloys or usage patterns (or both). In these cases, to ensure ongoing supply, we have to set up supply contracts that guarantee certain levels of supply. But for some customers we go even further. Supply solutions Using our state-of-the-art computer system we are able to install a system into a customer's premises that moves responsibility for raw material inventory management over to us. This Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) system dramatically improves supply chain efficiency and can lead to huge cost savings for a customer. Importantly, the customer still retains control of the stocking parameters but all other functions (even including the physical location of the stock if required) are moved over to us. • Inventory management • Supplier management • Logistics management • Information management • Supplier Managed Inventory Tel: +44 (0) 1767 604710 Fax: +44 (0) 1767 315340 A division of Smiths Metal Centres Limited Company Reg. No. 3485838 Multi Metal Stockholders Aerospace, Engineering & Hi-Tec A UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 1930 BS EN ISO 9001 - BS EN 9100 - AS 9100 rev B - AS 9120 Airbus - BAe Systems - Agusta Westland - EADS Astrium

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Supply Solutions Supplier managed inventory Supplier (or Vendor) Managed Inventory is a term used to describe a supply chain arrangement where the supplier, not the customer, essentially takes responsibility for ensuring that a production process has the most efficient levels of raw material input. For all major manufacturing companies Smiths Advanced Metals recommends that such an arrangement is considered. Information Technology plays a significant part is the set-up and running of an SMI contract and Smiths Advanced Metals uses some of the most technologically advanced supply chain...

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