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Born from a blend of state of the art materials, technology, manufacturing processes and caring hands and minds. Conceptualised and realised by a highly skilled and caring team. Each new product from Sky has been injected with passion and precision to ensure that your flying experience is one of pure pleasure and harmony. We strongly believe that true performance & pleasure is born from the right match of pilot to wing. Our Lines Series clearly & logically define the different facets of our beautiful sport. We say, 'simply choose your style'. With the Lines Series, we make this choice as...

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Pilot target group • Pilots under training • Entry level pilots who demand the most forgiving option, yet with the sophistication of an intermediate wing. perfect entry into the wonderful world of flight High passive safety Very easy inflation and take off Hypalon & Nylon rod nose construction Well balanced handling to allow pilots to master their flying skills • Predictable and forgiving behavior with long brake travel • Constructed from high quality materials and cut with laser technology ensuring accurate and precise 3D shaping, durability and longevity Flat aspect ratio Glider size...

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To fly with confidence and security, yet with the handling and performance to set you on your way to realising your dreams of flight. ANAKIS 3 is suitable for a wide range of pilots. Whether you are a low airtime or occasional pilot, or a dedicated cross country seeking weekend warrior who’s looking for a glider which will deliver optimum safety coupled to usable performance. Pilots wishing to become independent and confident. It’s the wing for first thermal and cross country flights and more. Those looking for a simple, easy, safe and fun way to fly a glider. Pilots requiring a versatile...

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ATIS 4’s speed and handling ensures that plenty of power and precision is accessible for the more experienced pilot to thrive upon. Whilst ATIS 4 is not designed to be an entry level wing, high levels of passive safety have been injected into the ATIS 4, creating a unique blend of performance and comfort, even when the conditions get really tough. Precise CNC laser plotting & cutting, intricate internal profile and V ribs, attention to sewing tension & highly accurate line trimming ensure that we have squeezed out every little bit of performance from our well proven ‘four line’ design...

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rdnance, filing at fingertips. Taking you on even . ■ bigger journeys of ' discovery, effortlessly devouring the km’s. APOLLO is just dripping in our latest Sport-line technologies. It includes many of our very latest innovative details and features that combine and add up to make real class leading and cutting edge differences that performance minded pilots desire. APOLLO’s LEO (Leading Edge optimisation), drag reducing 3 line configuration and Triple 3D cut with 55 cells help to ensure that you are getting the very best out of your glider. APOLLO will bite into a thermal, core and climb...

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new standards A very special glider for hike & fly, travelling adventures and everyday use, yet a new category • Very light and compact, only 4,35 kg in M-size • Easy take-off even from demanding launches • Wide speed-range with efficient accelerator • Five sizes to cover a wide range of weights precisely, covering the exact needs of each pilot • High thermalling efficiency and impressive glide • Precise control of the wing in all manoeuvres and conditions • Well-balanced handling to provide fun and efficiency • Durable and light materials - SKYTEX 32 with SKYTEX 27 secondary ribs • Hypalon...

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KEA is easy to fly - it is designed for a wide range of uses but excels as a light weight, real size hike & fly glider. The KEA is designed for pilots who fly at least 30 hours per year and who are looking for a wing that combines ease of operation with fun handling, very low weight, good performance, high safety and general versatility. The KEA's light materials and clever design result in a light wing that can be packed very small and delivers a high degree of passive safety. It will be the first choice for mountaineers, travellers and all pilots who love to fly light. We have purposely...

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Created to please pilots and passengers and to share the air in comfort with performance. The latests airfoil as well as other well balanced features allow us to introduce an EN B certified tandem glider that meets all major requirements for professional use. No matter how much the glider will be appreciated by paragliding professionals because it is light and well trimmed for excellent flight behaviour, it will be mostly the passengers who need an easy take off, stable and smooth flight even in rough air and a great flare for safe and easy landing. And this is the point where METIS 3 will...

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Three versatile solutions are available, all based on the proven Gii chasis: Airbag protection with underseat integrated reserve container Airbag protection, no integrated reserve container. Front container optional Gii 3 Foam protector with intergrated alpha underseat reserve container Technical info Harness size High stability in turbulence Pre-inflated airbag or foam back protection Simple set up Easy transition from take-off to in-flight position Low weight (3.2 kg M size) Neoprene side panels (not Gii 3 front) Radio pocket Gii 3 alpha now available in an additional XL size Suspension...

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