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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS ODOUR ELIMINATOR BIOHAZARD SACKS Handy 125ml air freshener to combat odours. Plain or branded options are available on this eco friendly item which has no aerosol propellant and is recyclable. Quickly banish odours with a squirt of this odour eliminator. Packed in a convenient and eco friendly 125ml pump action spray,it can go where aerosols cannot. Compliant with international standards or labelling of bio-hazard material for disposal, thesesacks are essential emergency standby equipment for any business where the publicgathers. Size: 330mm x 375mm + 50mm LIP x 40 micron...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS ANTIBACTERIAL SPRAY 15ML For larger quantities, special delivery needs or bespoke branding, please open the product view and use the Request Quotation link. FACE MASKS Box of 50 Individually Wrapped Disposable Protective Face Mask available for one way protection, captures particles or droplets from weather. Typically used to prevent cross infection or spread of common colds, flu, viruses etc.. 3 Ply Disposable face masks. Type IIR individually wrapped 99% Filtration – EN 14683 Loose fitting, rigid strip on top and fully covers your nose and mouth. LATEX GLOVES Vinyl Clear...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS PAPER/BAMBOO CUTLERY SETS Introducing our environmentally friendly cutlery sets designed specifically for airlines, providing an eco-friendly and sustainable dining experience for your passengers. Crafted with the highest quality ecofriendly materials, our cutlery sets are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the aviation industry while minimizing environmental impact. Each set includes a knife, fork, and spoon, all of which are made from sustainable bamboo or other plant-based materials. KITCHEN ROLLS TOILET ROLLS They are made from soft and absorbent materials,...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS HOT TOWEL TRAY Cotton hot towels and tongs packaged with or without branding for the comfort of your guests after dining, or to relieve a long journey. Quotations for the quantity required can be requested using the online shopping cart. BAMBOO HOT TOWELS Introducing our luxurious bamboo hot towels, designed specifically for airlines to elevate your passengers' travel experience. Crafted from natural and sustain- able bamboo fibres, our hot towels are soft and gentle on the skin, while being highly absorbent and durable. The use of bamboo ensures that the towels are...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS Introducing our bespoke airline blankets, meticulously crafted to elevate the travel experience for your passengers. From the softest fabrics to the most vibrant colors, we offer customizable designs tailored to your airline's unique specifications. Our blankets are not just a necessity; they're a statement of luxury and comfort, ensuring your passengers feel pampered and relaxed throughout their journey. Tailored to your airline's exact specifications, our duvets are crafted from the finest materials and can be customized in a range of colors and designs. Whether it's for...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS STAIN REMOVER If youʼve ever marvelled at the ability to deal with spillages and emergency stains displayed by cabin crew on airliners, marvel no more! The ʻmiracle sachetsʼ as used on many major airlines, railway and ferries and are now available to the public. CLEANING WIPE Multi- purpose sanitising, cleaning wipe suitable for all surfaces including general equipment. Ideal for use on communication equipment, tablet, computer and phone. 100% Biodegradable Wipe. Direct Distributionʼs stain remover is the most potent ally you can have to clean up in emergencies. Packed in...

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AMENITY KITS INFLIGHT PRODUCTS AMENITY KIT Upgrade your in-flight experience with Sky-Blue Amenity Kits. Included in this pouch: Sleek Leather Pouch: This stylish pouch offers a touch of sophistication while keeping your essentials organized. Plush Eye Mask: Block out ambient light and drift off to a peaceful sleep with our comfortable eye mask. Cozy Socks: Slip on these soft socks to pamper your feet and keep them warm during your flight. Noise-Cancelling Ear Plugs: Minimize distractions and enjoy tranquility with our effective ear plugs. Hydrating Hand Cream: Combat dryness and keep your...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS 5INCH 6INCH 8INCH 10INCH BAGASSE SUGARCANE SQUARE PLATE Bagasse Sugar Cane Plates Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Size:6 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch, 10 inch Size / Capacity: 5 inch x 5 inch, 6inch x6 inch, 8 inch x 8inch, 10 inch x 10 inch 100% natural and compostable materials: bagasse sugarcane fiber pulp 100% biodegradable and compostable Waterproof, Oilproof, microwave, freezer, and oven safe Perfect for disposable takeaway and dinner Certified by FDA, LFGB, OK Compost 10 INCH X 5 INCH SUGARCANE BAGASSE RECTANGULAR PLATE Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Plates Size Capacity: 10...

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INFLIGHT PRODUCTS 750ML 1000ML 1300ML BAGASSE SUGARCANE RECTANGULAR FOOD CONTAINER WITH SUGARCANE LID PET LID Biodegradable Bagasse Sugarcane Food Containers Size / Capacity: 750ml, 1000ml, 1300ml Lid Option: PET Lid or Bagasse Sugarcane Lid 100% natural and compostable materials: bagasse sugarcane fiber pulp 100% biodegradable and compostable Waterproof, Oilproof, microwave, freezer, and oven safe Perfect for disposable takeaway and dinner Certified by FDA, LFGB, OK Compost Home COMPOSATABLE BIODEGRADABLE SUGARCANE BAGASSE PULP TRAY Compostable Biodegradable Bagasse Sugarcane Tray Size:...

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GALLEY EQUIPMENT INFLIGHT PRODUCTS ATLAS MEAL TROLLEY ATLAS CONTAINER: - Size:410*291*278mm - Weight: 3.2kg - Capacity: Atlas Meal Tray 1/1:4 pcs Atlas Aluminum Drawer or PPDrawer:2 pcs Full size: - Empty Weight: 19.6 kgs - Max Weightin Load: 113.4 kgs Dimension: - Overall Length: 816mm - Length over Corners: 810mm - Length Inside: 775.6 mm - Height: 1030mm - Width: 301mm Capacity: Atlas Meal Tray 1/1: 28 pcs Half Size - Atlas Aluminium Drawer or PP Drawer:14: - Empty Weight: 12.7 kgs - Max Weight in Load: 68kg - Size:410*291*278mm - Weight: 3.2kg - Capacity: Atlas Meal Tray 1/1:4 pcs Atlas...

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