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_ • SITA Smart Path Kiosks - TS6 Self-Tagging • State-of-the-art self-service self-tagging kiosk Checking in baggage can be stressful for passengers. For airports aiming to provide higher terminal capacity, lower operational costs and improve passenger experience, SITA Self-Tagging kiosks is a cost-effective way to enable passengers to quickly print their bag tags without assistance. Its passenger-friendly compact design has been designed for easy placement in any terminal. The optional mobility feature provides you with the flexibility to adapt to changing demand as needed. BACKGROUND Bagdrop creates long queues An assisted bagdrop process costs valuable time and money. A 1 -step self bagdrop process (printing a bagtag and dropping the bag) can create a congestion point in your airport. Grow airport capacity and reduce costs With passenger travel increasing, many airports face capacity constraints resulting in unsatisfied passengers and the need for more ground agents, which leads to higher recruitment and staff costs. SITA Smart Path Kiosks improve the passenger experience by offering fast drop-off times without assistance and enables a small footprint increasing terminal capacity. A 2-step bagdrop process, where printing a bagtag and dropping the bag are physically separated in the terminal, provides a wider distribution of the passengers. This avoids congestion (and improve the potential for social distancing) and results in an increased throughput. SITA Smart Path Kiosks intuitive and compact design features a user interface touch screen, integrated barcode reader for boarding passes and passports, and provides a smart yet simple solution. V/ Enhance passenger experience and throughput • The process takes only 8-10 seconds, from scanning a boarding pass to printing a bag tag (potentially no touch required) • Part of the most cost-effective SBD solution • Compact design - flexible placement • Highly customizable (e.g. printers, scanners), to fit your airport needs • Numerous branding options -Supporting your brand identity • Biometric enabled (optional) -offering a touchless process • Fully mobile (optional) -Allowing for fluctuating demand • Utilizing the CUSS platform • Optimized use of infrastructure, resources and staff • Global Support: SITA offer “follow-the-sun” support with 2,000 dedicated specialists and engineers V/ 60% increase in terminal capacity 40% reduction in operational costs 40+ airports

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SITA Smart Path Kiosks: TS6 Self-Tagging USE CASE SITA SOLUTION COMPONENTS Standard components: PC • Small form factor, industrial PC • Intel Core i7 CPU • 240 GB m2 Solid State drive • 32GB DDR3 RAM • Windows 10 Enterprise Touchscreen • 12,1-inch diagonal • Resolution: 1024x768 Optional components • Biometric enabled • Wifi and mobility baseplate, enabling full mobile placement • Audio, disabled accessible keypad (ADA) and ADA compliant height • Bag tag & receipt printer • Linerless printer • Readers: Bar code / OCR • Contact us for the complete list of configuration options CASE STUDY...

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