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SimV+AC unit is a "one fits all" device Thanks to CVBM IV modulating technology, the unit's compressor can adapt to a wide range of incoming water temperatures, as well as a wide range of airflows toward the simulator cockpit. This means it can be cooled with an optional closed loop liquid cooler or with a central liquid cooler already installed in the field. In fact, the lower the incoming water temperature is, the lower the electricity consumption will be for the same cockpit cooling load. To follow the same idea, the lower the cockpit cooling load is (or airflow), the lower the electricity consumption will be. Moreover, the modulating feature also applies to a variable airflow blower and ensures perfect and constant airflow to each cockpit air outlet, no matter how many outlets are open or closed. Here are the specs: Electrical: - Mains: 400Vac 3Ph, + Neutral... 240Vac 1Ph option is available - 24V transformer included for standard thermostat control. "Y" terminal input as per standard HVAC spec for cooling demand. "C" and "R" terminals for thermostat power supply. Mechanical: - Dedicated sheet metal cabinet, 41"x48" footprint, 60" height. Robust construction. - Easy maintenance and service access doors - Soundproofing material used all over the HVAC unit inside, resulting in very quiet operation - Caster wheels and leveling pads included - Recessed electrical and water/refrigerant connection panels Ventilation: - Rosenberg EC Backward inclined blowers; 2 blowers if fast smoke extract option selected, 1 blower if no fast smoke extract option (continuously closed loop) - Each blower is controlled in constant static pressure mode at +3.5"H2O for supply and 3.5"H2O for return. Blowers are constantly "ON" when the unit is powered. - Smoke extract option includes 3x blade dampers with Belimo motors and HEPA filter for "dirty" air discharge. Fresh air inlet port and dirty air discharge port are added on unit. - Return and supply air ports are 12" dia. Designed for easy attachment of flexible ducts adapted for fullflight simulator requirements. Refrigeration: - Variable speed Mitshubishi BLDC compressor. 36 000Btu/Hr max cooling capacity. - Carel Drive for compressor speed control - Electronic expansion valve from Carel - Calorek's proprietary advanced heatpump electronic control with Flight Sim specific firmware

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- No freeze system thanks to Calorek's electronic control. The compressor speed is modulated in order to avoid freezing the coil no matter what airflow is passing thorough it. - Choice of watercooled or external condenser unit. - If watercooled, an external fluid cooler is available as an option. It includes the Fluid Pump, Fluid Cooler (Exchanger Coil and Fan), Expansion Tank and Feeder in a single unit for warm climates and two units for subzero climates. - If a condenser unit option is chosen, customers need a qualified technician to connect the HVAC unit to the condenser unit. The HVAC...

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