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WAGGY Runway Guard Light +40 254 515 465 office@signalight.com 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Romania www.signalight.com

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ICAO: Annex 14, Volume I - Aerodrome Design and Operations FAA: AC 150/5345-53 - Specifications for runway and taxiway light fixtures AC 150/5345-46c - Airport winter safety and operations AC 150/5200-30 - Design and installation details for airport visual aids AC 150/5340-30 - Airport lighting equipment certification program MIL-STD-810F Military Standard: Enviromental test methods and engineering guidelines. High Intensity Runway Guard Ligh Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind. High power LED technology. Lightweight, low-energy and environment friendly...

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Housing - Powder coated aluminium RAL 1004 (aviation yellow) Fastening system powder - coated aluminium, RAL 1004 (aviation yellow) Anti glare visor powder - coated aluminium, RAL 9005 (gloss black) Dispenser - clear polycarbonate Cable gland - nickel plated brass Fasteners - stainless steel The RGL will operate at 100% brightness during the day. During the night the RGL brightness will decrease to 10% intensity, according to figure A2- 24 si A2-25 ICAO Annex 14/2016. Optional: failure device - trigger alarm in case of one or more cluster fails Temperature range: Degree of protection:...

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Dimensions Weight : Packaging: The high intensity runway guard light is supplied in a ISPM 15 - copliant wooden crate. Crate dimnesins: 1010mm x 450mm x 400mm. Total weight: 28Kg 700,00 Anti glare visor Mechanical Characteristics Sun shield Light fixture body Optical subassembly Mounting system Power consumption 20W Power supply 6.6A from CCR 110/230VAC from mains AC parallel lighting circuit 24 VDC Electrical Instalation The runway guard light can be supplied in either a 110/230V AC powered con-figuration, or a 6.6Amp AGL configuration. Please ensure that you connect the equipment to the...

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Light colour:Yellow light Isocandela 30 Photometric Characteristics The brightness intensity values complies with: ICAO requirements Annex 14 Vol.1 Figure A2-25 The light colour emitted by the light fixture is yellow, with the trichromatic coordinates: 0.9 0.8 0.7 0.6 The measured trichromatic coordinates correspond to colour range requirements in: ICAO Annex 14 - Aerodromes Vol.1, fig. A1-1-1b. Colours for aeronautical ground lights (solid state lighting)

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+40 254 515 465 office@signalight.com 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Hunedoara County, Romania www.signalight.com

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