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PULSAR Low Intensity Obstruction Lighting 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Romania

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International Civil Aviation Organization, Aerodromes, Annex 14, Vol. 1 - Aerodrome Design and Operations, Paragraph 6 Romania CAA (Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority): No. 12408 from 30.05.2008 Marking of aerial obstacles, such as: towers, buildings, antennas Designed and built with simplicity and ease of maintenance in mind. High power LED technology in 100000 hours estimated lifetime. Lightweight, low-energy and environment friendly lighting fitting. Extensive use of aluminium alloys reduces fitting weight and eases handling in the field. AL - OBS - XX - XXX Series Indicator (Airfield...

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Housing - Powder coated aluminium RAL 1004 (aviation yellow) Dispenser - clear polycarbonate Cable gland - nickel plated brass Fasteners - stainless steel Light fixtures are provided with anti condensation valve. Temperature range: Degree of protection: Power consumption Power supply Power Supply: 100-230 V AC Power Supply: 48 V DC; 24 V DC; 12 V DC Power Supply: 700 mA - constant current Electrical Connections 1. Light Fixture 2. Cable - 2m Types of power supply: • Low intensity obstruction light - Simple: Electrical Characteristics 230V AC power supply - 3 core cable 12V DC, 24V DC, 48V...

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Vertical flat surface Mounting Types Total height: 160 mm Weight: 1.3 kg Clear polycarbonate disperser 3.5mm Tapping screw Mechanical Characteristics Light fixture body Fastening system Lower cover gasket Lower cover

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Horizontal output: 3600 Light colour: Red light PULSAR - Low Intensity Type A Single or Double PULSAR - Low Intensity Type A ver�cal light distribu�on - red light 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 ICAO requirement Minimum Light Intensity The brightness intensity values complies with: ICAO requirements Annex 14 Vol.1 table.6-3 Photometric Characteristics PULSAR - Low Intensity Type B Single or Double Vertical elevation angle Required minimum intensity [cd] Visible enough Visible enough Visible enough Visible enough Visible enough Measured minimum intensity [cd] 9.14 PULSAR - Low Intensity Type B ver�cal...

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Red light colour emitted by the light fixture, with the trichromatic coordinates: 0.9 Photometric Characteristics The measured trichromatic coordinates correspond to colour range requirements in: ICAO Annex 14 - Aerodromes Vol.1, fig. A1-1-1b. Colours for aeronautical ground lights (solid state lighting) 1 LED high power Red Light 2 LED's high power Red Light 1 LED high power Red Light 2 LED's high power bright Red - Light

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3.5mm Tapping screw Polycarbonate disperser flange Rubber disperser gasket Optical assembly Aluminium optical assembly support Spare parts Aluminium light fixture body Rubber seals gasket Centering gasket disk Nickel-plated brass nut Aluminium cover and mounting system 3.5mm Tapping screw Nickel-plated brass cable gland

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To order accessories please call our customer support. For contact details please refer to our website - www.electromax.ro Product Code Basic controller, alarm and redundancy device (48 V DC or 230V AC power supply) Advance controller, alarm and redundancy device (with integrated AL-OBS-08-XXX-FT-AT twilight switch and overload protection) Internal twilight sensor External twilight switch Solar panel power supply

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+40 254 515 465 office@signalight.ro 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Hunedoara County, Romania www.signalight.com

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