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OBSTRUCTION LIGHTING SYSTEMS Low and Medium Intensity Lighting, Power Supplies or Photovoltaic Panel Systems for vertical obstacle marking.

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About us Signalight is an international designer and manufacturer of lighting solutions such as heliport, airport, obstruction, and portable lighting systems. Signalight is part of Electro Max, an important manufacturer of LED-based lighting, offering high-quality products. The company’s headquarters are located in Petrosani, a picturesque town in Romania, in a modern facility with more than 50 employees. Why us? Our customizable systems come with exceptional value through a carefully thought set of services, aimed to assist you at every step: design, manufacturing, system setup, testing,...

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PULSAR - Low Intensity Available in 4 configurations: • Low Intensity Type A Single: 1 LED; >10cd luminous intensity • Low Intensity Type A Double: 2 LEDs; LED 1 active and LED 2 for back-up • Low Intensity Type B Single: 3 LEDs; >32cd luminous intensity • Low Intensity Type B Double: 2 LEDs; LED 1 active and LED 2 for back-up 100-260 V AC 50/60 Hz 48 V DC; 24 V DC; 12 V DC 700 mA - constant current from Fault Management System QUASAR - Medium Intensity Available in 4 configurations: • Medium Intensity Type A: flashing white light, used for signalling aerial obstacles by day >20.000cd luminous...

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Solar Panel System The solar panel system is designed for situations where it is difficult or impossible to power the obstruction light system from the mains. The system can be configured according to geographic position and necessity in order to optimize the efficiency of the photovoltaic panel. System Configuration Options • Operating voltage: 12 V DC, 24 V DC, 48 VDC • Solar panel power output: from 30W up to 200W • Charger / Control unit type: standard or MPPT • Battery capacity: from 30Ah up to 200Ah Using this configurable solar power system, the following types of beacons can be powered:...

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Obstruction Lighting System In order to increase safety, our obstruction lighting systems may include twilight sensors and fault monitoring devices. Our team will help you choose the optimal placement configuration for your needs, making sure that the system complies with the applicable regulations. All Medium Intensity obstruction lights come with photocells to automatically switch between daytime mode and nighttime mode (ON/OF switch for types A, B & C; flashing white / steady red switch for A/C type)

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Safely guiding your way. +40 254 515 465 office@signalight.com 36 Lunca Street, Petrosani, Hunedoara County, Romania www.signalight.com www.signalight.ro part of

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